LNH/META: Some questions, pursuant to LNH v2 #52 (in progress)

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Mon Jun 25 11:38:00 PDT 2012

On 20 June 2012 Adrian asked:
> 1. Who in the LNH has a time machine or time travel powers?
* Any of the tech whizes (Kid Kirby, Dr Stomper, Kid Enthusiastic...) 
could be handwaved to be said to be able to build a time machine.
* Similarly, Occultism Kid and any other occult types could be handwaved 
to have time travel spells.  And if Occultism Kid has rebuilt his TANDI 
after the events of Infinite Leadership Crisis, then he definately has 
quick and easy acces to a time travel machine.
* Kid Not Appearing In Any Beige Midnight Story has been able to travel 
backwards in time under his own power when he got dumped in the far 
* Bicycle Repair Lad is listed as having Superboy-like powers, which 
depending on which version of Superboy you're talking about would 
include the ability to time travel.  However, I've often privately 
thought that his more powerful abilities should operate with the Roger 
Rabbit clause: 'Only when it's funny'.
* Fourth Wall Lass can travel back to observe the past from behind the 
Fourth Wall, but can't actually interact with it.
* Wikiboy only needs to be Editted to gain them.
* There are probably others that I'm blanking on.
Saxon Brenton
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