META: RACC-Con 2012: Call For Story Prompts

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Sat Jun 23 15:24:30 PDT 2012

Difficult as it may be to believe, RACC-Con 2012 is less than a week

And whether or not you'll be here in (looks out window) sunny Benicia,
you can take part in this (somewhat) historic event.

I'm looking for story prompts for a series of writing exercises.  They
could fall
into one of the following three categories:

1. The first lines or sentences of a story: "He was a dark and stormy

2. A story premise (think the sort of thing you might propose for a
High Concept

3. (If you're really brave) One of your own, unfinished stories that
you'd like
someone else to take a crack at finishing.

Interested?  Just e-mail your suggestions to me by this Thursday, June
I'll post what I've received here on Saturday, June 30... without
the author (just to make things more interesting).

Then next weekend, those of us at RACC-Con will sharpen our pens, so
to speak, on your ideas (and you can do the same with someone else's
prompt, if you like).

And if you'd like to participate live... check with me about plans for
get-together over Skype...

--Rob Rogers
--Has never been prompt about anything before

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