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On Fri, 22 Jun 2012 01:04:58 +0000 (UTC), Adrian J. McClure wrote:

> On Jun 21, 8:37 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Indeed. Personally, I would've just titled this "LGBTQIAAX7%(Prince symbol)
>> LNHers".
> Fair enough. Though unfortunately that symbol is not on keyboards.
>>> Kid Enthusiastic (LNH20) (asexual and heteroromantic)
>> He might be biromantic, but he hasn't told me either way.
> I'm still waiting on Lydia/Alice and Victoria to tell me. They
> developed quite an intense attachment, which is natural for people who
> are under duress together. Is it just a really close friendship, or is
> there some degree of sexual/romantic attraction for either or both of
> them? One or both of them may well be questioning it themselves, as
> they've both been through quite the identity crisis.

Just make sure that, if they break up, neither leaves footprints on anyone
else's brain.

>>> Ultimate Ninja (Classic) (asexual and aromantic)
>> This makes sense, though the fact that UN *could* fall in love in a
>> dream... (I don't think I entirely understand how aromantics work, I'll
>> admit.)
> Well, he's probably 99.9% aromantic. He'd never pursue a romantic
> relationship in real life though he might have fantasies about one.
> Actually that makes him a bit like me, for a long time. Though that
> may change soon...

Hm. Which brings up the whole question of how much of these preferences are
due to something fixed and how much are based on decisions...

>>> Kid Kirby (Classic) (asexual and aromantic)
>> Hm. I don't think I'd really call him aromantic.
> Tell me more. I don't know his character as well as some others.

Hm. Really, it's just that I don't see any evidence either way.

>>> Multiple Personality Lass (Classic) (Composite being in a biologically
>>> female body with at least one lesbian and at least one male component,
>>> in a relationship with a woman)
>> Who is another component.
> Well, besides Alice (another one of the people the faerie assassin who
> became Multiple Personality Lass took in after she was cursed to
> absorb the minds of everyone she killed), the part of MPLass that was
> formerly a Real World Minus One Tom Russell (one of three that have
> appeared to date) became involved with a woman named Mary (which is
> also, in an interesting coincidence, the name of Real World Tom's
> actual wife) who was not part of the MPLass gestalt.

No, no, I mean the woman is another component.

> ...Teenfactor sure was weird. (I kind of love it.)

XD Indeed.

>> Hmmmmm. I wouldn't, necessarily, especially since many such might find
>> someone through that aspect of their life.
> And now someone needs to write about the doomed romance of Knife Fight
> Man and Knife Fight Lass.


> Adrian (not even mentioning Homestuck troll romance)

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, caught up in a black romance~

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