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On Jun 21, 8:37 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Indeed. Personally, I would've just titled this "LGBTQIAAX7%(Prince symbol)
> LNHers".

Fair enough. Though unfortunately that symbol is not on keyboards.

> > Kid Enthusiastic (LNH20) (asexual and heteroromantic)
> He might be biromantic, but he hasn't told me either way.

I'm still waiting on Lydia/Alice and Victoria to tell me. They
developed quite an intense attachment, which is natural for people who
are under duress together. Is it just a really close friendship, or is
there some degree of sexual/romantic attraction for either or both of
them? One or both of them may well be questioning it themselves, as
they've both been through quite the identity crisis.

> > Deductive Logic Man (Classic) (asexual and homoromantic or biromantic)
> > Aeneas Romulus Boddy (Classic) (straight man in an asexual romantic
> > relationship with another man)
> The perfect way to put it!

You know, I have Thoughts about Aeneas and Ferris as a Sherlock Holmes
riff and comparing it to other versions like Moffat's Sherlock, but
that really deserves its own thread. (Too bad K. Michael Wilcox seems
to be off the internet as far as I can tell.)

> > Ultimate Ninja (Classic) (asexual and aromantic)
> This makes sense, though the fact that UN *could* fall in love in a
> dream... (I don't think I entirely understand how aromantics work, I'll
> admit.)

Well, he's probably 99.9% aromantic. He'd never pursue a romantic
relationship in real life though he might have fantasies about one.
Actually that makes him a bit like me, for a long time. Though that
may change soon...

> > Kid Kirby (Classic) (asexual and aromantic)
> Hm. I don't think I'd really call him aromantic.

Tell me more. I don't know his character as well as some others.

> > Private Eye (LNH20) (straight trans man, though I haven't had a chance
> > to establish this yet)
> Neat!

Man, I need to stop coming up with characters and then forgetting
about them.

> > Chaos Theory (Classic) (Chaos entity of some sort, with everything
> > that implies)
> > Masterplan Lad (Classic) (An alien being whose sexuality is probably
> > hard to understand on our terms, but he demonstrated an attraction to
> > Chaos Theory, so)
> OTP~


> > Multiple Personality Lass (Classic) (Composite being in a biologically
> > female body with at least one lesbian and at least one male component,
> > in a relationship with a woman)
> Who is another component.

Well, besides Alice (another one of the people the faerie assassin who
became Multiple Personality Lass took in after she was cursed to
absorb the minds of everyone she killed), the part of MPLass that was
formerly a Real World Minus One Tom Russell (one of three that have
appeared to date) became involved with a woman named Mary (which is
also, in an interesting coincidence, the name of Real World Tom's
actual wife) who was not part of the MPLass gestalt.

...Teenfactor sure was weird. (I kind of love it.)

> Hmmmmm. I wouldn't, necessarily, especially since many such might find
> someone through that aspect of their life.

And now someone needs to write about the doomed romance of Knife Fight
Man and Knife Fight Lass.

Adrian (not even mentioning Homestuck troll romance)

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