LNH: System Corruptors #28: The Queen's Tale

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> Oooooh. That's a shivery-good

Thanks! That's the kind of tone I'm aiming for a lot in my writing
these days.

> > "The Avengers fanart duplicates were simply too strong, my Queen,"
> > said Urrakh. "And too cute."
> I know, right

Nothing can stop the power of Captain America's butt!

> (Maybe you should crosspost this there.)

I was hoping you would do it at the LNH tumblr, but sure.

(I'll also probably put #52 on there when it's done, as it's turned
out to be a rather nice introduction to the LNH as a thing.)

> I love taking things out of context, have I mentioned that?

No context is the best context.

> ...you just implied that the Crossover Queen is--
> Awesome.

Oh yes.

(I was REALLY into Sailor Moon when I wrote this. I still kind of am
but other things have gotten ahead of it. I have a pattern of getting
obsessed with a thing, making up a character or plot element based on
it for LNH stories, then moving on to something else and feeling a
little awkward about writing the earlier things. Of course sometimes
that gets me back into my old obsession.)

> I know I've said this before, but you're excellent at this mythological
> style.

It's a lot of fun to write.

> Also: Yeah, you know what's gonna happen.

That's the way it is with mythology, isn't it?

> Also: Retroactively giving a character the best origin ever. Hell yeah.

That was actually inspired by a line in one of the old rosters saying
that Table was "from the past." And also my habit of A, taking random
characters and figuring out how to make them work and B, revamping
characters by playing up the potential mythological/literary

> Which is a very Kirby-ish way for that to happen, too.

Oh yes. BTW, I'm very happy that Jameel wrote back to me so quickly to
give me permission for this; I hope to write Kid Kirby more often now.

> No one can say.

Maybe the Oracle. But he's not telling.

> I like the parallel with the questions she couldn't get answered at the
> beginning.

...You know, I keep putting little details and thematic resonances
like that intentionally into my more recent stories and no one notices
them. But in this case I actually had NO IDEA this was in there when I
wrote that. Awesome.

> Yes, yes, sympathy for the Devil, bwahahaha...

One of my goals for this was to write a female villain with the depth
and complexity of Dr. Doom (or, though I hadn't seen it at the time,
the movie Loki.) Though the Crossover Queen has never, to my
knowledge, made out with a horse.

> One thing I don't think you mentioned in this was how she absorbed the
> power of the Elder Gods that Ultimate Ninja killed in Beige Midnight #9 to
> get back up to her current power level.

Ayup. I felt this story had enough crammed into it and that would be
better examined when the supporitng cast from Classic Ultimate
Mercenary take her during FWF. (Plug plug.)

> Haha `-`; It's true, he told me about it months ago. It's very apropos with
> the New 52.

I wrote most of this up back when Andrew was beta-reading UM Classic
#6. The flashback sequence was pretty much as-is; it was supposed to
an outline for a longer issue but the mythological voice worked so
well I decided to just post it with a framing sequence. I wrote that
up last night when I got so obsessed with LNH stuff that I literally
_could not sleep_.

> Oh, the fanart.

I hope you enjoy your Tumblr!

> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, typing up a story of his own.


AJM (don't think we're lacking for stories now)

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