LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #51 Add-on

Adrian J. McClure mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 07:26:12 PDT 2012

So Arthur and Rob are right. I'm taking this out of continuity to make
it less bitter, more LNH-ish, and more, well, me. (Assuming we decide
on retconning Martin's characters.)

Also, I'm going to ignore issue 51 in numbering but I still want the
next issue to be #52 becuase of the DC revamp. But the revised version
would work better as an issue of Looniverse Chronicles. So I'll leave
#51 as an open spot. It could be the next part of Saxon's story, could
be something else.

AJM (getting the other issues done)

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