LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #51 Add-on

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On Jun 19, 11:14 pm, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:
> On 6/19/12 4:52 PM, Adrian J. McClure wrote:
> > LNH v2 #51 add-on. Written by Adrian J. McClure
> > I'm not at all sure this is a good idea. But, as they say on Tumblr,
> > YOLO.
> > ****
> Umm... while I'm not a fan of Martin (at least the person... I did enjoy
> some of the stuff he wrote) and am kind of glad that he's finally left
> RACC... I think this story is in very poor taste and a very bad idea...
> and I think it would be best if you retcon it away.
> I think it would be best in this post-Martin age to leave behind the
> bitter ax grinding stories...
> As for Martin's characters.. I'd just assume that they're taking
> vacations or something like that... also there are still people out
> there on RACC like Rob or Saxon that I'm guessing Martin wouldn't mind
> if they wrote his characters (could be wrong about that)...
> Two Flame War bait stories don't make a right...
> Arthur "Can we move on?" Spitzer

Yeah, you're probalby right. The thing is, I liked his work once too,
I have been talking to people from the old days on Calvin and EVERYONE
had problems with Martin at some point. Scav and Mike Escutia both
mentioned that Martin was a huge reason they left. He just created an
incredibly toxic climate for everyone and did a LOT of damage to the
group over the years, to a degree I didn't appreciate until very
recently. The same thing was happening to me and Lalo now as well.
(Nothing could kill Andrew's interest in the LNH.) And his refusal to
admit how offensive his story was was super frustrating. I should have
asked beforehand, though, I'm sorry.

The thing was, though, I didn't mean to entirely kill him off, and the
idea was that this could be read as killing off the bad/egotistical
part of him so the good part of him can flourish. That was sort of
indicated by Arthur E.L. Presence's line about real life. Maybe he can
learn from this experience though the precedent isn't good.

That said, I for one am going on assuming as if his characters never
existed, simply because I have enough interesting characters and plots
that are specifically based on that. However, they could still exist
in the Beige Midnight timeline and make things super awkward for
everyone when they come back, I don't know.

AJM (writes too many stories about alternate timelnes and things)

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