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Tue Jun 19 18:03:23 PDT 2012

Now you must understand that I didn't write that story primarily out
of anger or hate. Well, I'm pretty mad. But the main point is that
Martin would probably not want us writing about his characters and I
wanted to deal with the unpleasantness in a way that would open up
stories rather than close them.

So here are some of the stories I'm writing next:

LNH20 Comics Presents #15: This issue: An LNHer dies! Another must
betray his most cherished principles to vanquish the ultimate foe!
And--actually, if you're on the writer's group you pretty much know
what's happening in this issue. I hope we wrap this up soon. At least
we'll have a proper ending now.

Ultimate Mercenary v20 #4: Ultimate Mercenary is still struggling to
adjust to his new world. January Frost is still trying to figure out
what to do with him. Pantra is still Pantra. Featuring: Subplots!
Exposition! Food fights!

LNH Comics Presents #507: Devastator: Who He Is And How He Came to Be!
Just who is the Monarch of Masculinity, and how did he join the LNH?
Why does he talk so funny? What the heck is an "Omni-Blade?" These and
more questions are answered here!

System Corruptors #: The Queen's Tale. At long last, the true history
of the Crossover Queen. A tale of triumph, tragedy, retcons, and
blatant shoujo anime ripoffs.

Legion of Net.Heroes volume 2 #52: Jenny Everywhere and the Legion of
Net.Heroes. The return of the greatest hero you've never heard of. The
return of another hero you have heard of, but is he still a hero?
Featuring more continuity than you can shake the OHOTMU at and some
giant monsters. (Or maybe just one.) And a plot dangler from Ultimate
Mercenary actually gets resolved!

AJM (be there or be rhomboidal!)

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