Misc/JE: 30 Days of Jenny, Day 3: The Maids

Adrian J. McClure mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 20:18:53 PDT 2012

The Maids (by Garsecg/creepingmonsterism) (30 Days of Jenny day 5)
This one’s a little bit complicated. It’s a crossover with the Strange
and Wonderful House, a longstanding Ficly meme/mythos set in a
mysterious house that’s far more than a house, full of wonders and
secrets. The challenge page is here: http://ficly.com/challenges/953
and the dedicated tag is here: http://ficly.com/tags/Our%20Strange%20And%20Wonderful%20House


The aged, dried-up Maid, looked at Jenny with a gaze no less piercing
for her many years.

“Do you wish to join our number?”

Jenny gave her most charming smile, which had little effect. “Sure!”

“Your reputation has preceded you.”

“Not this ‘me.’”

“Technically speaking, yes. Nevertheless, your unique nature could be
both an asset and a burden to the House.”

“Why don’t you ask Her what She thinks?”

“In due time. If you truly wish to join Her Servants, you must
understand what that entails. You will answer directly to the House,
not those who claim to rule Her. Your old life and any of your sins
will be forgotten by all. But you will not be able to leave the House,
though this is not a problem for most, as it is larger than most
universes. You will only be able to marry among the other Servants. Do
you accept this?”

She’d weighed these questions many times before. “Yes.”

“Then if you survive the Test, you shall become a Maid. You will watch
the House while the Master is away.”


Incidentally, I’d been reading about Maid: The RPG, so that shares
some blame as well. I’ll probably be writing more about this
particular Jenny later.

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