LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #51

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 18 16:56:09 PDT 2012

On 6/18/12 1:34 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Jun 2012 06:38:17 +0000 (UTC), Martin Phipps wrote:

>> So can you.  Your basic argument is that there is something wrong with
>> me for being "reasonable" as you yourself say and presumably it is
>> alright for you to be completely unreasonable.
> The argument is: You're acting like a jerk, for all the reasons above. You
> need to stop.
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, sincerely angry.

Honestly, I'd say the best way to deal with Martin is to just ignore him 
(and his sockpuppets -- Hey, remember that time that Tom killfiled 
Martin so Martin started posting under a sock puppet called George Chen 
so he could continue trolling Tom?  Hah, that Martin!  What a very 
mature poster!)


Which probably also means never using any of his characters, but that's 
a small price to pay for not having to deal with him anymore.

And if Martin uses your character in a way you don't like -- it is 
perfectly within your rights to have him rewrite the scene so that you 
find it acceptable or to have him rewrite it with some other character.

That's my advice for dealing with Martin.

Arthur "Sorry about this..." Spitzer

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