LNH20: Leverage - an LNH20 Drabble

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Wed Jun 13 20:46:47 PDT 2012

                         "Leverage" - a LNH20 Drabble
                      copyright 2012 by Dave Van Domelen

     "The Illumi.neti don't exist!  They're a myth!" the Griefer exclaimed,

     "Ah, but the second contradicts the first," Acton Lord smirked.  "They
exist AS a myth.  And in many ways, that's as important has having a physical
form.  What is an organization but an idea, after all?  You just need people
willing to be a part of it...and other people willing to be ruled by it."

     "So, you're saying I should build a global organization from scratch,
leveraging the myth?" the Griefer frowned.

     "Of course not," Acton Lord smiled.  "Let's go steal ourselves a
conspiracy, my apprentice...."

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