META: Recontextualizing Characters, Or, Being An Enormous Nerd

Andrew Perron pwerdna at
Sat Jun 9 07:47:13 PDT 2012

So, this: is a post
on my Tumblr. The RACC-relevant part is the last sentence, and for those
Tumblr-averse, I'll quote it here:

> (Also, for those few who know what I’m talking about: Kid Enthusiastic as 
> the son of Klingon and Vulcan diplomats who met working out the Khitomer 
> Accords.)

This inspired Adrian to comment in private IM that "Ultimate Mercenary is
the world's worst Klingon", which made me think: Here's a fun game; figure
out how your characters work and where they fit in a different kind of
fictional universe.

For example, there's a world out there were Karimah al-Ram, pre-Islamic
native of the Fertile Crescent, has journeyed to Britain in the guise of a
man to seek a place on the legendary Round Table - only to find a young man
running it; he's the half-fae son of Arthur, he explains, and is
desperately trying to keep Camelot running after his father's death; his
name is Mordred of Orkney, but to his friends he's like everyone's younger
brother, even that of Christ himself, so you can call him James...

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I have been up all night, ha ha whee

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