META: Participation in RACC-Con 2012

EDMLite robrogers72 at
Mon Jun 4 13:16:17 PDT 2012

The first-ever gathering of RACC participants
(apart from several informal meetings, and those times
when I secretly follow Dvandom around) is rapidly
approaching, and I for one would love as many
people as possible to be included.

So this message is for those of you who would
like to participate, but are not able to physically
come to the San Francisco Bay Area between
June 29 and July 3 (because of transportation
issues, visa requirements, the fact that you are
a floating brain in a jar, etc.)

1). Would you be interested in taking part in
conference activities via Skype (or a
similar service)?

2). Would you like to take part in a RACC-Con-
related writing activity (for example,
beginning a story which those attending
the conference would then attempt to

Please let me know -- either by replying to
this message or e-mailing me directly.
(Due to memory requirements, I can no longer
accept telepathic messages).

Thanks... and I'll see you in San Francisco!

--Rob Rogers
--Cruise Director

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