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LNH20 Comics Presents #8
The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 8: "Not a 24 Parody"
Chapter 8 of a chaotic add-on cascade
Part of High Concept Challenge 26!
By Andrew Perron

Lindsey Gensym rushed into the Netropolitan Museum of History and 
stopped short.  

The sunlight through the windows outside seemed... odd, flat... 
*slow*.  There stood three women - one young, one old, one inbetween - 
in strange and symbolic outfit.  They danced about her, chanting low.

"Seek you the Spoon?"

"You'll find it not."

"But you are the key that all have sought."

She shook her head.  Net.villains!  She activated her innate ability to 
phase through matter and ran headlong through the ring, into the 
Incredibly Dangerous Ancient Mystic Artifacts Room - only to find them 
there, sitting casually on the display cases, waiting for her.

"Stand on the sidelines."

"Step into the game."

"Either way, 'tis but the same."

She stepped back, watching them warily. "What are you doing here?  
Also, if you're a maiden-mother-crone trio, why aren't you doing the 
Shakespearean weird sisters thing?"

"Iambic pentameter?"

"Not sublime."

"The Writer just has limited time."

"So do I!" Lindsey put up her fists. "I'm not much of a fighter, but I 
can hold you off until the LNH get in here!  You won't get the Spoon of 

The three laughed, tinkling, chuckling, guffawing.

"She doesn't know!"

"Though she's the key!"

"To be fair, sisters, she's one of three."

She blinked. "The key?  You mean, somehow, the Spoon of Destiny has 
something to do with my powers, with the strange visions I've been 
seeing - with HER?" She pointed to a half-visible figure, floating in 
the air.  It seemed to reach out to her, seemed to be shouting 
something, then vanished.

"So you've seen it."

"The red right hand."

"Lurking Girl, permabanned."

"Tell me how I'm the key!" Lindsey put her hands to her head. "Tell me 
what I'm supposed to do, who I'm supposed to *be*!"

"Tell Sir Felix..." 

"...if you can..."

"...the true Spoon lies in Ava.LAN."

The three figures smiled and melted into nothingness.  The silence that 
Lindsey didn't even notice suddenly ended, the sunlight turning bright, 
and the LNH ran in.

And Mother Time watched, as the second hand swept inexorably forward...


Author's Note: That's right, I'm combining my High Concept Challenge 
entry and a cascade chapter!  I might follow this up with another 
chapter, but feel free to jump in; my dibs has run out.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, actually only took 20 minutes.

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