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Scott Eiler seiler at
Mon Jul 16 18:26:31 PDT 2012

On 7/15/2012 11:37 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:

> Second, Saxon is adorable. The way he movies his head with "Who would you
> like Psychovant to harass?" XD And Scott is adorable! XD XD XD His hands on
> his head and sort of posing... AND ARTHUR'S BEARD <3

heh.  I've been called a poser before, but I've never been called 
adorable.  At least not in the last forty years.

> (wait no)
> (okay moving on)

Well, he *does* have a pretty awesome speaking voice.  No wonder he 
wanted to do public readings.

> Scott, why were you talking about St. Augustine and Marcus Aurelius? `.`

I think Rob put me up to it.  In any case, the subject of heroes with 
moral codes had come up, and I figured classical Stoicism would make a 
great one.

> Saxon, were you reading the Comics Code? @.@ YOU ARE

One of the challenges put him up to it.  We were supposed to re-imagine 
a modern-day hero in a Code-compliant manner.  Shoots Arrows Out Of His 
Butt Lad was briefly mentioned.

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