LNH: Possum-Man: Relinquished #7: Our Place in the Looniverse

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On Monday, July 9, 2012 1:04:16 AM UTC-4, Mitchell Crouch wrote:

> For those confused about continuity, the events of Possum-Man: Relinquished 
> take place before Infinite April.

Actually, come to think, I'm still pretty confused: http://lnhq.info/wiki/LNH_Timeline#32

> The cover depicts a tower of Possum-Men; each one has one less part of the
> Possum-Man costume than the one below, until Sticks is left at the top, 
> falling off backwards as he dodges a punch from the Vixen.

Ahhhh, playing Strip Possum, eh?

> "Okay!" he yelled loudly enough for everyone to hear him, muffled as he was by the pile of sweating clowns. Wow, geez, sometimes I look at what I've just written and wonder what I'm doing with my life.


> "Yeah that's definitely someone's junk, sorry."


> A sad, molten lump of putrescent clowns slowly flopped out of the doors;

There are so many great lines in here. XD

> "Sauce from the... we hadn't even ordered our tacos yet! We had literally 
> _just_ walked in the door when the holdup happened!"
> "Well, yeah," came Stones' sheepish reply, "but I may have started eating
> someone else's while they were distracted by the dude with the gun."
> There was a moment of silence in the room.

...XD This is the perfect intersection of humor and character.

> "I..." Sticks could only shake his head, SO FLUSTERED WAS HE. He laughed to 
> himself, and then continued, "I can't express in words how much I hate 
> you."
> And then they brofisted, and all was right with the world.

Aaaaaaaaugh <3

> "No, no, it's not that, it's..." Sticks paused for a moment, trying to 
> organise his thoughts into words. "I just don't think it's that clear cut, 
> you know? I don't think that one person is, I don't know, a fisherman, and 
> so he's really good at fishing and nothing else. Maybe he loves to play 
> sports. And then there are, there are people in offices, who really, really 
> suck at what they do -- geez, just look at these commercials -- and they
> hate it, but that's still... what they do. But it's not who they are."

Ooooooh. <3 <3 <3 Yes.

> Sticks thought hard before continuing. "I can't do many things right... but I
> just wish I could do the right thing."
> Moni smiled. "I think," she whispered, "that you're here with me now, 
> instead of a million other places you could be. I think that's the right
> thing."
> Then, for the first time since before she left for Ame.rec.a all those years 
> ago, they kissed.


> ...and then Sticks abruptly pulled away. "WOAH HOLD ON I JUST NEED TO GO 
> AND..." remove my net.hero costume from underneath my civvies and quickly
> wax the Possum-Man logo off my chest? "...MOVE THE COMIC BOOKS OFF MY BED, I 


> He rocketed off towards the bedroom, and Monica let him go with a wink.
> "Sure you do, tiger."

Heeheehee. <3

> Mumiyah chuckled and observed the mummified body of Netmakahn. "I wouldn't 
> need much, I assure you. I'm a professor in a fictional universe, so 
> obviously I'll be able to perform all the occult biochemistry myself,
> despite it being stressed every time my name is mentioned that my speciality 
> is Egyptology.

Naturally! XD He could probably build giant mutant-oppressing robots, if it came to that.

> "Naturally. And..."
> "What is it, Mumiyah?"
> "...thank you, Vixen."


> "It's true, we are together again," he interrupted for the benefit of 
> readers who hadn't worked that bit out from the previous sentence. 
> "It's Facebook official and everything."

Bwahaha. <3

> "Ha ha ha yes that is it because I am being a good boyfriend and am not at 
> all interested in the affairs of those dang crazy net.heroes!" came 
> Sticks' hasty wooden reply.

Darn smoochers!

> "It's a kitten in a tree, Sticks. Someone will get it down. It doesn't have 
> to be you."

Man, this is so great. <3 I'm really enjoying this plot thread.

> Two seconds later, Possum-Man came running out of the men's room, a wad of 
> toilet paper stuck to the bottom of his left boot and trailing behind him. 
> "SPECIFCALLY IT IS A JOB FOR POSSUM-MAN!" he yelled to no one in particular 
> as he raced towards the tree.


> As he dashed across the park, various innocent bystanders moved out of the 
> way and pointed at him. "Look!" they cried. "It's Possum-Man! He's not 
> missing, he's come back to us! We're all saved!"


> "NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA," cried Pos as he got closer and closer to the 
> tree, preparing to jump at it and scale it when he got close enough. "NA NA 


> And soon the park was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds,
> clapping their hands and shouting, "I bewieve in Possum-Man!"


> "I thought," the Vixen growled as she cracked her knuckles, "that we had an 
> agreement."
> And with one hit, she beat him into unconsciousness.


> Also the newspaper originally had 'IS THE POPULARITY OF TALKING MONKEYS IN
> DECLINE?' as the headline, but then I saw today's news in Wollongong which
> was ACTUALLY about the deadly virus and racing pigeons, and thought it was 
> much, much funnier.

...seriously? XD

> I think I really enjoy the quintessential Possum-Man-ness of this one. It 
> doesn't quite have the same action slapstick as the issues that are almost 
> purely Pos running around being Pos, and I'm not sure that I'm quite back 
> into the groove of writing Possum-Man, but I'm pretty happy with how the 
> wordplay turned out when he's Sticks.

Honestly, I think these are my favorite issues you've done so far.

> And that line he says to Monica, "I can't do many things right, but I just 
> wish I could do the right thing," I think is the real heart of his
> character. I spent more than half an hour on that line alone, and rewrote it 
> God knows how many times. I'm still not sure it flows right in context, but 
> at least it says the right thing now.

It's seriously so great.

> Finding his niche as someone who'll rescue a cat from a tree was also a nice 
> moment for me, as an author. I was originally going to have him walk away 
> from the cat at the end of issue #5, and then step in to stop the holdup at 
> the end of this issue when the stakes were higher. I think it says a lot
> more about his character and the mindset he was in when it's the other way 
> around, though.

Indeed! That is 100% perfect.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I bewieve in Possum-Man!

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