SW10/META: Social Media vs. the Powernaut

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Jul 15 17:26:32 PDT 2012

For those of you who engage in social media and have ever liked the 
Powernaut there, I should probably explain what's going on with his 

On Facebook, I have put "like" links on every page I've published since 
1954.  The first three links resulted in separate Powernaut fan pages: 
1954, 1955, and 2005.  Everything since then has linked to the Powernaut 
2005 page.  So if you like Powernaut 1944, Powernaut 2005 gets the 
credit.  And people who like Powernaut 1955 are out of the loop if I 
send out a Powernaut 2005 update.  Too bad.  Powernaut 1955 is still the 
most popular.  Powernaut 1954 is just a backwater now.

The Facebook Powernaut pages at least allow me to edit the face image. 
So at least now when you get a Facebook notification, you'll know 
whether it comes from 1954 (Classic), 1955 (PowerTeen), or 2005 
(Modern).  Those are the three I'd pick, at least until I get to 
Powernaut 1968 or Powernaut 1992.  Honestly I'd prefer one page, but I 
don't see how to get that, or how to redirect any of the pages.

To complicate things, the Powernaut is now on Tumblr.  I've set up the 
page to look like Powernaut 1954 there, but its updates feed to Facebook 
for Powernaut 1955.  Don't ask me why.

Every time I publish a Powernaut comic now, I pimp it on Facebook as 
Powernaut 2005, then share it as myself.  Then I pimp it on Tumblr, and 
it goes to Facebook as Powernaut 1955.  Oh well, I guess it's working out.

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