META: Magazine seeks submissions

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Mon Jul 9 14:20:57 PDT 2012

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EDMLite  <robrogers72 at> wrote:
>Just heard back from Selznick, who provided
>a clarification: "So long as the author is considered
>a legal co-creator (in the eyes of copyright) and, as a
>co-creator, has the right to create commercial works in
>that storyworld, it's okay with me.
>"Proof might be required if it's not obviously stated,
>for example at the storyworld's tentpole website."
>So LNH works are probably okay... though ones
>that use characters from multiple authors
>might still be a problem.

     The one thing to be VERY aware of is that they want a year's worth of
exclusive publication rights.  So you can't submit anything that you've
already posted, or anything you want to be able to post for the next year or
so.  New stories, and preferably standalones so you don't have to worry about
there being a hole in your series.

     Dave Van Domelen, pondering.

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