META: Magazine seeks submissions

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Mon Jul 9 13:14:48 PDT 2012

Author Matthew Wayne Selznick (creator of
the terrific super-hero novel _Brave Men Run_)
is seeking submissions for the first three
issues of his online magazine,

In particular, Storyworlds is looking for
stories of 3,000 to 5,000 worlds set in
a fictional world created by the author that
has balanced attention to character, plot,
setting and theme, and creates a lingering
emotional response.

In addition, the author should engage with
his/her audience via social media and have
a Web site dedicated to his/her works.

This likely rules out LNH stories... but my
guess is that ASH, Superhuman World,
8FOLD and many other stories posted here
would be eligible for publication.

Deadline is 31 August 2012.  Check here for
the inside poop:

--Rob Rogers
--Considers USENET to be the
grandfather of social media...

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