LNH20: "The SAP"

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Tue Jul 3 22:43:20 PDT 2012

                         "The SAP" - a LNH20 Drabble
                      copyright 2012 by Dave Van Domelen

     The Griefer wasn't completely clear on what his current mission would
accomplish in the grand scheme of things, but he'd given up on getting
straight answers out of Acton Lord when the elder villain was being
enigmatic.  Figuring it out on his own was part of the training.
     The mission today was to recruit net.villains for some sort of
disposable strike force.  The Griefer was dressed in a middling-quality and
unremarkable business suit, a few simple tricks making him essentially
     "And who might you be?" he asked a vaguely humanoid figure covered in
scales.  Not so much a snake as...he wasn't really sure what.
     "I'm the Socially Awkward Pangolin," the figure sighed.  "Not sure if
net.villain, and you should feel bad."
     The Griefer blinked.  "What?"
     "I have the power of incorrectly executed memes," the Socially Awkward
Pangolin sighed heavily.  "And, to a lesser extent, screwing up anything
overly formalized.  For instance, this story is supposed to be a drabble, but
it has two hundred words."
     "And this is useful how?"
     "One does not simply walk into all your base," the Pangolin shrugged.
     "Can you disrupt others' memes...?"
     "Can haz rickroll," he nodded.


Author's Notes:

     Just a goofy idea I had, tossing it out into the wild for people to
use.  It was going to be a drabble, but when I realized I couldn't fit it in
100 words I decided to extend the Pangolin's power a bit and warp it into a
double-drabble.  :)

     I have no more idea than the Griefer does what Acton Lord's big plan is,
I'm just winging it.  Feel free to involve Acton Lord in your own
stories...it might be his grand plan, it might be a distraction, or a lesson
for the Griefer, or just messing around to keep a hand in.  

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