META: RACC-Con 2012: Call For Story Prompts

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Sun Jul 1 12:33:55 PDT 2012

Want to join in the interactive .net madness that is RACC-Con 2012?

Here are the writing prompts we're working from to generate a few
(rather ridiculous) storylines.  (You can watch our progress at
the LNH Authors Group).  Feel free to write -- and post
-- your own responses.  And thanks to all of those who created
posts for this occasion!

A. “Oddball pairings" - throwing together two (or more)
characters who you wouldn't expect and see how they bounce off each
other (or don't bounce, as the case may be).

Example:  I suddenly had a story idea for Outfielder Lad/Flaming
Fairy Princess Lad teamup.  All three of them don't fit conventional
of masculinity, but all of them are quite different, and I imagine
Grating On Each Other.  Probably never get written, however.)

B. The LNH has followed a lead to a small-to-middling community
which has not had a net.hero presence previously.  While they
certainly get
the news and know ABOUT net.heroes, that's a rather different thing
having such entities in their midst....

C. How about a story whose plot is a mash-up of three different movie
(e.g. Citizen Kane meets Alien meets Ernest Goes to Camp)...

D. So, I was thinking about the Comics Code.

Specifically, I was thinking about the character of Sauron, from the
X-Men. The Comics Code prohibited basically all Universal Monster-type
horror tropes, so to use those tropes, one had to be canny. (And
occasionally uncanny.) Sauron is basically, instead of a werewolf, a
were-pteranodon, but also shows vampire aspects - draining energy,
hypnotic gaze, and a calculatingly evil demeanor (instead of the
werewolf's bestial rage). But changing the surface aspects to "mutant
dinosaur-man" (pterosaurs aren't dinosaurs, but) allowed Roy Thomas
and Neal Adams to get away with it.

So, here's my idea: Take some character concept, popular nowadays,
that wouldn't have flown with a Code stamp, and tweak it to slip under
the radar.

E. The heroes are called in to participate in the investigation of a
death.  The victim in question collapsed at a New Hampshire diner,
with no
obvious malady… with a driver’s license, license plate and other
all declaring him to be a resident of the state of “Vermont,” which
none of the heroes
have ever heard of before.  Police and government officials dismiss
the documents
as a hoax, but some of the locals remember hearing the legend of an
entire U.S.
state that simply disappeared one day.

F. A pair of shattered glasses lies in the middle of the road, next to
the body
of a dead cat.  Why was the cat wearing glasses?  Or was he?  And what
really killed him?

--Rob Rogers
--Interactive .net madman in the superhero genre

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