LNH/META: Some questions, pursuant to LNH v2 #52 (in progress)

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 1 12:03:02 PDT 2012

Andrew Perron replied:
>> * Wikiboy only needs to be Editted to gain them.
> Man. I wonder what the upper power level of edits to Wikiboy is. Could we
> have... OPEN-SOURCE GOD??
During the shennigans of RACC-con, Rob was speculating on 

just how powerful Minority Miss is.  I mean, the concept 

for her abilities is that she has the powers of any three 

characters: well, if she has the powers of any three gods 

or other types of cosmic entities...


I strikes me that this is the same type of ambiguity 

about the upper limit of character concept as WikiBoy. 


The burning question is: In a world like the LNH imprint - any 

of the LNH imprints - where you have people like Kid kirby 

in the same organisation as Cheesecake-Eater Lad - do we 

really need to define the upper limit of people's character? 
[I was going to, but am now explicitly refusing, to have 
Hooded Who'dwin appear in this post and demand to see a Cosmic 
Clash between those two.  I'm sorry, but I just don't think I 
have the time to give that story idea justice right now.]

>> * There are probably others that I'm blanking on.
> There's the time-cycles from Pigs in Time, the time packs from Beige
> Midnight...
Ah yes.  All the neat time travel tech, packed away in the 
Plot Device Room, just waiting for someone to come along and 
misuse^H^H^H^H apply it creatively and not-at-all-irresponsibly.


Saxon Brenton

Currently in the RACC-Con 2012 writing workshop, speculating 

on who killed the cat with the glasses

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