STARFALL: Spellbinder #5

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On Jan 29, 6:24 pm, Scott Eiler <sei... at> wrote:
> On 1/29/2012 12:55 PM, William Strickland wrote:
> > If the Butler of Loud Sorrows is right, this would indicate that
> > Chelsea's father is in fact dead by her hand, whereas the Dark Lord is
> > very much alive (much to the sorrow of all involved).
> > Besides, no spawn of the Dark Lord would *ever* have freckles.
> > Freckles are totally un-evil. :|
> Well, then.  I still hold out hope for a family interest with Uncle
> Darkseid.  Or something.

Not to spoil things, but in #1 Chelsea did mention a "convoluted
family tree".

I'm sure there's some sort of familial relationship involved, but Rob
hasn't told me everything yet.  In the game we derived our characters
from, Chel had Darkseid, Lilith (the Sumerian goddess), and Osiris in
her family tree in places.  He hasn't told me yet how much is being
transferred over.

Oh, and the Dark Lord in this issue isn't Darkseid.  He's the Unnamed
Dark Lord.  No copyright issues.  :D

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