LNH20: Yet More Tasty Crunchy Ideas

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 11:50:29 PST 2012

Okay, here's some more characters and concepts who have been rolling about
in my head:

Public Defender: A 50-ish-year-old woman (red hair, green eyes) wearing
samurai-style lacquered bamboo armor in black and white with no helmet.
She carries a ceremonial polearm with with the full text of the Bill of
Rights wrapping around the shaft.

She joined the Legion two years ago, immediately proving her mettle with a
famous landmark victory, overturning a bill that I'll let somebody else
think up.  She also got the Legion registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,
which has been a great help to...

Beadcounter: The Legion's heroic accountant.  Uses an enchanted abacus,
made of a mysterious green wood with inscriptions on it in the Indus script
and jade beads that glow with eldritch energy.

He's a slightly balding Hispanic guy in his mid-40s.  He generally wears a
business suit (with a green shirt and white tie) and a green domino mask.
He has rows of green beads (glass, not jade) sewn into the shoulders of the
suit, as well as bead cufflinks.

He's kind of overly gung-ho about heroism and charitability and not being
an Evil Capitalist.  Part of this is making up for his twin brother...

The Profiteer: W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R.'s villainous accountant.  Uses an enchanted
abacus made of blood-red metal (seemingly an alloy of gold) with similar,
but not identical Indus inscriptions, and ruby beads that, naturally, have
a crimson glow.

The Beadcounter's twin brother, he got into net.villainy first, after he
heard that Ultivac was looking for people who could guide their
money-laundering without digital aid.  His outfit is much further
over-the-top than his brother's, with bright red dollar signs stitched into
his suit, spikes on his shoulders, and a helmet with long pointy horns that
no one is quite willing to tell him looks ridiculous.

Knight Genesis: A legacy hero, from a line of those sworn to defend life
itself.  Kid Enthusiastic is the mentor of the current holder of the title.
Though his predecessors had increased longevity, endurance and
regeneration, he himself has forcefield abilities, including the ability to
create a "bubble field" that can stop all damage in an area.

All these characters are General Use, though I'd like to reserve the right
to tell Knight Genesis's backstory.  For reasons.

Also, I'd like to both reserve the telling of the battle against Net.cron
and move it back on the timeline to 1981. Also for reasons.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, a very reasonable fellow.

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