LNH20: Tales of the LNH v20 #1: Fall and Rise Part 1: "As The World Wakes Up From History"

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Sat Jan 28 11:27:15 PST 2012

quoth Martin Phipps as of Sat, 28 Jan 2012 09:04:18 +0000:

> On Jan 28, 1:10 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> He paid, giving a precise 15% tip, and stepped out into a crowd of
>> protesters.  They stood around the Monument, holding signs and chanting
>> slogans on the proposed Young Net.human Guidance Act.
>> The Act was a ballot measure in Ohio, the state Netropolis happened to
>> be in at the moment,
> Wait... the whole city moves?!  What about power lines, telephone lines,
> cable service to the suburbs, etc.?  What happens when somebody drives
> out of town and then finds the city isn't there anymore?  Do people feel
> the city move like it's an earthquake or do people just wake up every
> few months (weeks?) in a different state?  And where does the city move
> to?  I mean are there city sized vacant areas all over the Loonited
> States?

According to our history, it was to figure out this kind of problem that 
The Network relocated to the Village, and it was as thanks for that that 
The Village renamed itself to Net.Town. I'm not sure about the specifics, 

1: I believe it was largely Mr. Thingy and Kid Enthusiastic's parents who 
did most of the work, which means they're extremely respected in 
Netropolis (this before Mr. Thingy left The Network to start the Net.astic 
Nine, assuming he was one of the founders, which honestly I have no clue)

2: In the case of power, I'd say the city generates all its own power; 
before the arrival of The Network, a coal or oil plant would have 
sufficed, and after, who knows!

3: I made a passing reference to the specific case of phone lines, how 
the Network guys invented something to connect Net.Town to the main hubs 
which would later be the inspiration for cell phones.

4: Personally yes, I think it is the LNHQ that moves the city around, but 
that hasn't been canonically decided yet

5: As for where it moves to (and what happens to the places it leaves 
behind), my impression is that it more or less realigns reality, like 
Scott said; just like most people feel like the LNHQ has always been in 
whatever part of town it happens to be, I think after it moves, nobody 
can point with certainty to where exactly it was before, although 
everybody remembers it was “thirty minutes from San Francisco” or 
something like that...

-- Lalo “moves around a lot too” Martins

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