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 .|, COHERENT COMICS                                 An ASH Universe Drabble
 '|` UNINCORPORATED PRESENTS                         "In The Cards"
                    copyright 2012 by Dave Van Domelen

     "Well, I finally got promoted to the face cards.  You're looking at the
newest Ace of Spades.  Well, the understudy."
     "What does that mean?" 
     "Well, the Pack has more than 52 agents, you know.  There's plenty of
fives or eights, but each suit needs the flexibility to have more than five
officers.  So there's at least two of each, like Ace Alpha and Ace Beta.
Sometimes even Ace Gamma.  The Alpha is usually picked to head a mission."
     "Warming the bench, then?"
     "Yeah, but I expect to see some action.  After all, sometimes you have
to call Ace Beta Spade."


Author's Notes:

     I figured a drabble was the best place for an extended pun (although I
also considered making this a City of Heroes character).  Well, consigned to
a fire is probably the BEST place, but....
     Set at some point in the Third Heroic Age, the Deck is one of those
themed groups (mercenary in this case) that tended to crop up.  


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