LNH20: Clueless Lad Team-Up #1: Featuring Nudist Man!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Jan 12 19:20:32 PST 2012

On 1/12/2012 5:37 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:

>> And he'd heard about a raptor observatory in West
>> Virginia.  Oh, why not.
> Turns out it was a velociraptor observatory.


>> Nudist Man was a nudist, but he still had to stock his backpack.
> I hope it's well-padded.

I figure Nudist Man, like many heroes, is immune to the effects of his 
own powers.

>> Suddenly, Nudist Man was wearing blue jeans!
> This is the best example of "turning off someone's powers" ever. XD I have
> to wonder what he did during The Killfile.

Well, The Killfile suppressed Nudist Man's powers, right?  So he 
couldn't go nude outside (say) the shower, at least not without 
shivering and what not.

>> ... Ten pairs of pants later, the teen boy said, "Okay.  You must be
>> from some place where people drop their pants in public.  Kind of like
>> where the women cover their bodies, but the other way round.  Like no
>> clothes instead of clothes, and men instead of women...  Uh, welcome to
>> town."
>> Nudist Man sloughed off the fallen trousers, and walked out of town.
> Y'know, I would've expected him to try and explain things!

Well, *I've* never seen a story where Nudist Man spoke during battle.

>> Maybe even
>> hero material, compared with some of the others from old versions of the
>> Legion.
> Note that, in LNH20, this is the first team to bear the "Legion" name - at
> least, the first in the modern era.

Okay, let's make that "compared with some of the old net.heroes".

>> I see The Writers are feverishly building the world once again, starting
>> with a big saga.  Clueless Lad was originally designed as an
>> introduction to a world like this.  Perhaps he may serve that purpose
>> now, the easy way.  One character at a time.
> Hopefully, we'll get the original introduction rolling again...

Well, that's what he's there for.  But think fast!  Clueless Lad is on 
his way!  :-)

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