LNH: Not Making LNH Pages

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu Jan 12 09:28:40 PST 2012

I'm in the Wiki as ScottEiler.

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quoth Scott Eiler as of Thu, 12 Jan 2012 06:58:59 +0000:

> I got myself a login at www.lnhq.info tonight.  The site is teasing me
> with a link that says "Create my home page now!", but when I click it it
> says "You are not allowed to edit this page."  Am I asking too much of
> my first day on the team?  Is the LNH still building its trust
> relationship with me?

You mean the wiki, or the archive? Unfortunately, there's separate logins/
accounts for both.

If it's the wiki, due to spam, we configured it so that only people in an 
“editors” group can edit any pages at all. Give us you username and we'll 
add you to the group right away.

If it's the archive... well, that functionality might be a little 
unmaintained, since IIRC nobody else ever bothered to use it :-P there 
isn't much point to it either, other than having a little profile photo 
appear next to your issues, or an Atom feed of your stories, or a page 
that lists them, or a little text blurb about yourself... actually that's 
pretty good isn't it? Ah well.

-- Lalo “Zuck” Martins

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