LNH20: Clueless Lad Team-Up #1: Featuring Nudist Man!

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 05:37:07 PST 2012

Okay, catching up on stories!

On Tue, 20 Dec 2011 02:22:47 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> Nudist Man was on vacation from the Legion of Net.Heroes.  As their 
> Ultimate Nudist, he'd disrupted a lot of villainous plans.  And he'd 
> disrupt a lot more.  But on vacation, he needed a quiet place to be his 
> nudist self.

Hmmmmm.  I like how you characterized him here beyond "nudist".

> And he'd heard about a raptor observatory in West 
> Virginia.  Oh, why not.

Turns out it was a velociraptor observatory.

> Nudist Man was a nudist, but he still had to stock his backpack.

I hope it's well-padded.

> One tall teenage boy on the street said, "Hey, mister, you shouldn't 
> ought to dress like that.  Or undress, I guess.  We don't *do* that in 
> Dimm Hollow."
> Suddenly, Nudist Man was wearing blue jeans!

This is the best example of "turning off someone's powers" ever. XD I have
to wonder what he did during The Killfile.

> ... Ten pairs of pants later, the teen boy said, "Okay.  You must be 
> from some place where people drop their pants in public.  Kind of like 
> where the women cover their bodies, but the other way round.  Like no 
> clothes instead of clothes, and men instead of women...  Uh, welcome to 
> town."
> Nudist Man sloughed off the fallen trousers, and walked out of town.

Y'know, I would've expected him to try and explain things!

> Maybe even 
> hero material, compared with some of the others from old versions of the 
> Legion.

Note that, in LNH20, this is the first team to bear the "Legion" name - at
least, the first in the modern era.

> Back in Dimm Hollow, that same clueless lad said to his friends, "Hey, 
> that was weird.  I wonder what else will be out there when I go join the 
> Net.ropolis Police Academy?"

Dun dun dunnnn...

> I see The Writers are feverishly building the world once again, starting 
> with a big saga.  Clueless Lad was originally designed as an 
> introduction to a world like this.  Perhaps he may serve that purpose 
> now, the easy way.  One character at a time.

Hopefully, we'll get the original introduction rolling again...

> Oh, and who's *on* the science staff at Legion of Net.Heroes 
> Headquarters?  That seems to be open as yet.  I suspect "Doc" is just an 
> honorary title for Doc Nostalgia.  And Kindle's been showing up a lot, 
> but she's more a clinician.

Other than Kid E, we haven't really seen anybody!  That position's
definitely wide-open, which is weird.  We need a dedicated Exposition
Scientist, methinks.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, forward ho!

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