LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #7: The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 7

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Wed Jan 11 10:12:08 PST 2012

Andrew Perron replied:
>> What the lemurs hadn't expected was that the cook would return from 
>> the storage pantry and see them. "Hey!"
>> The trio froze and stared at the cook. The cook stared at the 
>> lemurs.
> Hmmmm... now I'm thinking of who this would be. I've been rolling around
> something about someone who has "the power to create food deserts", but how
> would that even work... organic... something...
I did briefly consider naming him Four-Star-Michelin-Cook Man, if that's any help.
> > "Intellectual rigour," answered the Cranium. "My massive intellect 
>> grows bored if it has no challenges to overcome, and so I have set 
>> myself against challenge which the world has both an unending supply 
>> and variety: Supervillainy. And that is what I do every night: try to 
>> keep villains from Taking Over The World!"
>> "Indicating that you are an inverted parody of the Warner Bros. 
>> cartoon character the Brain," noted Explain-The-Joke Lass.
>> "Just so," agreed the Cranium gravely.
> An interesting character. O.ov
My mental image for the Cranium is the Brain... wearing a deerstalker 
cap and saying "Elementary my dear Watson'.  In particular this derives 
from the factoid that Sherlock Holmes was in the habit of taking cocaine 
to relieve his boredom if he didn't have a challenging case to solve.
[Recovery Man]
> How *do* his powers work, anyway? I got the general gist, but why that
> visual? Can he turn *into* electricity or *is* he electricity?
Uhm...  I hadn't thought about that angle.  The static silhouette was mainly 
a cool special effect, but also serves to mask his identity in the same way 
that 9-Jack-9 was a black silhouette in a pinstripe suit and boater hat.  If 
he's electricty then the static is his physical form.  If he's flesh and can 
turn into electricty then the static is just another type of mask.
I haven't considered the Recovery Man's true identity (if any), how he got 
his powers, etc - and that would affect the answer.  By default I'd say he 
is electricity, but that may well be subject to change.
Saxon Brenton

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