LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #7: The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 7

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On Mon, 9 Jan 2012 04:43:12 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

> LNH20 Comics Presents #7
> 'Exactly Where We Can Grab It'

Oooooh.  Excellent!

> The only parts of his skin 
> that were left exposed by his suit were his neck and face about his 
> collar and tie - and even these were utterly disguised by the grey 
> static that covered his features.  It was an effect like that of a TV 
> screen tuned to no channel.


>      Another printed message.  "The X Agent is a known unknown factor 
> within the Legion," she read from the computer's explanation.  "Analysis 
> of the Legion's activities occasionally demonstrates outcomes that 
> cannot be ascribed to any known member.  It is unclear who or what this 
> unknown variable is.  It may be a person, or the manifestation of the 
> probability manipulation superpowers usually described as luck.  
> Whatever its true nature is, I have labelled this unknown variable with 
> the name X Agent."

Ooooooh, yes.  This makes *much* sense for an organization to do,
especially one run by Mr. Compubrain.

>      Also, at a point that may or may not be meanwhile, the three lemurs 
> were dumped in the LNH-HQ cafeteria by the kiwis.
>      No one noticed.
>      Partly because the Legion was an emergency response group, and the 
> people that were there were busy grabbing a hasty meal before getting 
> back to the task of thwarting evil, and saving the world, and, you know, 
> stuff.  And partly because this was the Legion, and you would be 
> astonished at the amount of silliness that goes in order to justify a joke.

Not to mention the amount of chaos normally in the cafeteria!

>      What the lemurs hadn't expected was that the cook would return from 
> the storage pantry and see them.  "Hey!"
>      The trio froze and stared at the cook.  The cook stared at the 
> lemurs.

Hmmmm... now I'm thinking of who this would be.  I've been rolling around
something about someone who has "the power to create food deserts", but how
would that even work... organic... something...

>      Because it really doesn't matter which LNH imprint you're working 
> with.  Sooner or later there's always going to be a food fight in the 
> cafeteria.

And thus, the circle of silliness is achieved!

>      Explain-The-Joke Lass, the Private Eye, and Sexy-Disturbed-Sparkly-
> Vampire-Man stared at the self-proclaimed super-intelligent mouse known 
> as the Cranium, who was stroking his chin in thought.

They're Sparkly and the Brain~

>      "Intellectual rigour," answered the Cranium.  "My massive intellect 
> grows bored if it has no challenges to overcome, and so I have set 
> myself against challenge which the world has both an unending supply 
> and variety:  Supervillainy.  And that is what I do every night: try to 
> keep villains from Taking Over The World!"
>      "Indicating that you are an inverted parody of the Warner Bros. 
> cartoon character the Brain," noted Explain-The-Joke Lass.
>      "Just so," agreed the Cranium gravely.

An interesting character. O.ov

>      "It's a pity that we have no way of turning the tables on WHATEVER, 
> causing them to be distracted by the presence of so many fake Spoons 
> rather than the net.heroes," said Explains-The-Joke Lass.
>      The Cranium continued to look thoughtful for a second or so, and 
> then a sepulchral smile crept across his face.  "You know, that's a 
> deliciously ironic idea.  I think we can do something with that."

Mwahahahahaha. <3 <3 <3 The Spoon of--

...ooooooh, that's a good idea. *saves that*

>      However, that discomfort was as nothing to what electronic entities 
> like the Recovery Man experienced as they tried to navigate the 
> building's physical wiring or wireless computer access coverage.  To 
> describe the electromagnetic pathways of the building as a nightmarish 
> non-Euclidean maze was an understatement.  On the small number of times 
> that the Recovery Man had tried to explore the building he had been 
> forced to resume physical - if not necessarily solid - form and walk 
> out using a tourist map.

This is an excellent extrapolation of how the LNHQ works.  Well-done!

>      The kiwis were more than half a kilometre away when they heard 
> the distant boom of the explosion.  They stared at each other, then 
> with a frantic cry of "Kiwi!!!" dived for cover in a side corridor as 
> the fireball expanded through this level of the sub-basement.

Damn. o-o

> But along the way I 
> also started paying attention to my gut reaction that it would be self-
> indulgent of me only throw out more plot threads for other people to 
> finish rather than use, advance and/or tie-off other people’s threads.  
> So I took the extra day to give a background to the Cranium, and show 
> the Recovery Man in action rather than leave him a blank slate for 
> others to develop.

An excellent point, and some fine work there. <3

>      Oh yeah.  The Recovery Man.  As I was writing the first scene I 
> realised I was writing an expy of the assassin villain 9-Jack-9 from 
> Scott McCloud's old _Zot_ comics (with perhaps a bit of visual influence 
> from the Televillain from Alan Moore's _Supreme_).  He's a gentleman 
> assassin whose main limitation comes from his Code of Conduct rather 
> than how his powers work.

How *do* his powers work, anyway?  I got the general gist, but why that
visual?  Can he turn *into* electricity or *is* he electricity?

Overall: Good issue!  Now it's time for me to get to work...

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, work replying to stuff...

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