SW10/PRECOG: Talk Back to the Powernaut!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Jan 7 16:15:06 PST 2012

The Powernaut actually has a long-standing tradition of answering 
letters on his web page! 
Toward that end...

*  Several of you have already commented on his 1941 adventures.  Do you 
mind if I reproduce some of your comments, slightly munged to fit the 
era?  Something like...

It looks like Hitler's singing!  - Andrew P.

Adolf, that was not a good performance.  Frankly, your voice was way off 
tonight.  It was as if somebody had just punched you in the face before 
you came on stage. - Martin P.

*  Do you have any questions for the Powernaut, either in 1941 or 1954?

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

Turns out I'm an anally-fixated oedipal paranoid with 
south-of-the-border schizophrenic delusions...  But never mind, I've 
found me the ideal job.  I'm going to run for President!

- Major Honey, scripted by Grant Morrison, Doom Patrol #46, August 1991.

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