LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #6: The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 6

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Fri Jan 6 23:44:34 PST 2012

On 1/6/2012 11:23 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:
> Scott Eiler asked:
>>> Okay, I think there is now a proposal to finish this story.  Objections?
>>> Counter-proposals?
> Andrew Perron replied:
>> I think introducing this spoon *into* the story now is a good idea, but we
>> shouldn't lock down which is the True Spoon quite yet. Let's play with the
>> possibilities for a bit more and see what happens!
> Well for my part I think it would be hilarious if the Spoon we have here
> is the Looniearth-A Spoon of Destiny, with the real Looniearth-20 Spoon
> still to be fetched from Italy by the Espionage Squad led by Agent-M as
> originally stated early in the cascade.  Ultravac senses the arrival of the
> Earth-A Spoon in the LNH-HQ ("Albeit off kilter.  Cearly they are
> attempting to masque it's power signature, and not doing a very good
> job.")  and sends forces to collect it, and this sets off a brief series of
> misadventures and comedy-of-errors as various factions try to gain
> control of the Earth-A Spoon.  But it doesn't have to be confirmed
> whether or not it's the appropriate Spoon at this point.
> And then, just as the bad guys think they have things under control,
> Agent-M retruns to the LNH-HQ turns up with the real Earth-20 Spoon.
> And then things continue on to whatever conclusion people think is appropriate.
> Does this fit at all with what you have planned Scott?  If it does, I can
> hash out a scene or two this evening, and either post it indepently or
> forward it for inclusion in the next section.

Err, I see now I should not plan on ending the story any time soon.

The sequence you propose is much like the climactic sequence I was 
envisioning.  I'll encourage you to go ahead and have fun with it if you 
like.  When I see an end in sight, I'll become more interested in 
finding the way to it.

I've already figured it would be presumptive of me as a Writer to toss 
my character in to bend the climax.  But I was thinking of having 
Clueless Lad run into Kiwis near a side entrance to a sub-basement.  
This would fit in nicely with what you're writing, Saxon.

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