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Wed Jan 4 17:01:16 PST 2012

On 12/27/11 11:38 AM, Adrian J. McClure wrote:
> Thanks! Writing these kinds of articles are a lot of fun--I've always
> been a huge fan of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, and
> its ability to present the most utterly ridiculous concepts with a
> straight face.
> I spent this morning fixing up the entries for the Saviors of the Net.
> One question: what's the deal with Dr. Net.ropolis? I remember Arthur
> saying she was dead, but the entry, which he presumably wrote the
> original version of, says she's secretly alive or something and only
> Gothic Gorilla knows her true status. Which I guess means no one knows
> now that he's dead.

Back when I was still going to write SotN #18, I had planned a scene 
where the Gothic Gorilla sends Dr. Net.ropolis (fully healed -- no brain 
damage) to another Looniverse that is beyond the reach of the Writers so 
she could save it or whatever without their interference.  So that's 
where she is.  And GG made some mystical construct of a dead body to 
fool the LNH and public.

As to whether anyone besides GG knows if she's still alive (besides Dr. 
Net.ropolis obviously), I think I had also intended to write a scene 
with Dr. Stomper scanning her grave and realizing she wasn't there.  So 
I'd guess if anyone might know she's still alive it would be Dr. Stomper.

Regardless, the LNH Classic Vivian Net.ropolis is retired for good 
(short of me coming up with some brilliant idea involving her).

Feel free to create a LNH20 Vivian Net.ropolis if you want.

> Also is Lava Lamp one word or two? Is it Retcon Raccoon or Retcon
> RACCoon?

I'd guess looking at the first issue 'Lava Lamp' would be correct as 
would Retcon RACCoon.

Arthur "Where Writers fear to thread..." Spitzer

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