LNH20: Generation 2.0 #5

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 01:12:35 PST 2012

On 1月4日, 上午11時08分, "Adrian J. McClure" <lord_sold... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Lalo, who had some stuff developing Googlemesh and the Ancient Legion
> in his impending issue of LNH20CP, reminded me that I had made the
> Ancient Legion ask before using. I had actually forgotten about this,
> which is why I didn't object when Martin did a story with them.

Well, technically, it wasn't a story about the ancient legion: it was
a strory about Generation 2.0 looking for Too-Much-Time-On-His-Hands
Lad and Walter "Wikipedia" Brown finding a troll.  I was trying to do
a riff on the title "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and I just
thought using Googlemesh meant avoiding having to create a new
character.  That's it.  Anything Googlemesh said about the ancient
Legion can be taken with a grain of salt: after all the troll had a
very different point of view.  Basically we can infer that the ancient
legion formed to fight menaces including trolls and that the ancient
legion eventually disbanded and LNH HQ was buried underground.  I
think I walked a very fine line there.  Frankly, I didn't think that
you reserving the ancient legion meant that I couldn't use Googlemesh:
I had asked if there were any plans for him and I was clearly told
there wasn't.  Apparently Googlemesh's status changed and I hadn't
noticed.  I apologize for that oversight but -assuming I am still
considered the creator of Googlemesh- it is usually the charcter's
creator who gets informed by people that his character is going to be
used and not the character's creator who has to inform people that he
is going to use the character.

Anyway, like I said, the interpretation of what Googlemesh had to say
is wide open.  In real life if you had a nexis of realities that could
take you to hundreds of different worlds then that would be a VERY
GOOD thing except that in science fiction and fantasy is tis ALWAYS a
VERY BAD thing when portals are opened: the creatures coming through
the portal are ALWAYS VERY BAD.  So if the ancient legion were able to
travel to other worlds and menaces came through to threaten them then
I would imagine it could be argued that they were a victim of that

As for the location of LNH HQ, I  have a suggestion: LNH HQ was
somewhere in Europe or the Middle East in ancient times (you decide)
but when the killfile fell (and whatever that means is not clear to
me) it fell in Netropolis.  Because the killfile was suppressing...
stuff... including magic it opened a... crack... a rift... and LNH
HQ... appeared in Netropolis.  God that's weak.

Another possibility?  One of the members of the ancient legion had the
power to physically move LNH HQ.  His... spirit is still alive in LNH
HQ.  But why move the building to Netropolis?  Maybe because there was
some threat in Netropolis that needed to be faced and the building
moved there.  Or maybe that was where the heroes were and the building
moved to be where the heroes were.  Maybe this is something you want
to keep as a mystery.


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