RACCIES: 2011 First Nomination Ballot

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Tue Jan 3 18:23:13 PST 2012

On 1/3/2012 2:09 PM, Adrian J. McClure wrote:
> You know, now that the HCC is such an integral part of RACC, I wonder
> if we should have an award for "best challenge?" Or is that too self-
> indulgent even by RACCies standards?

Don't say "self-indulgent", say "tailored to the target audience."  This 
is the one time of year that the target audience really is just the 
writers.   8{D>

Yeah, I could go for a Best Challenge award.  We could probably narrow 
the nominees to the five challenges with the most entries... though does 
it count if someone writes a story for his own challenge, or someone 
else writes a story but it comes in late?

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Turns out I'm an anally-fixated oedipal paranoid with 
south-of-the-border schizophrenic delusions...  But never mind, I've 
found me the ideal job.  I'm going to run for President!

- Major Honey, scripted by Grant Morrison, Doom Patrol #46, August 1991.

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