RACCIES: ASH Eligibles for 2011

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Tue Jan 3 13:51:09 PST 2012

     Between Andy getting some writer's block and me spending a lot of time
looking for and then settling into a new job, there wasn't much put out in
2011.  All of it was written by me, with one exception.

     Academy of Super-Heroes:
     A Suit of Sables (#110-113)
          #110: Passing Through Nature
          #111: The Memory Be Green
          #112: The Steep and Thorny Way
          #113: But A Shadow
     A Fire Afar Off (#114-117, not completed in 2011)
          #114: It's A Small World
          #115: Those Who'll Play With Cats

     Coherent Super Stories:
     #25 - "The Sod Men" featuring White Hat
     #26 - "Pitch Reel" featuring Brighthorn 
     #27 - "Secret of the Silver Skull" featuring the Silver Skull
     #28 - "Thirty Years of Jenny" featuring the Jenny Doll

     Conclave of Super-Villains:
     #29 - "'Star Gazing"

     "Hidden Under A Bushel" (add-on to ASH #114)
     Raiders RPG Session Summaries (posted as a Google Docs file)

     Surely eligible for something or other, Tony Pi created ebook versions
of pretty much all of the ASH content through the middle of 2011.
Additionally, for a few weeks he ran "ASH Wednesdays" at tonypi.com, a sort
of review column or summary or whatnot.

     Dave Van Domelen, just agreed to help judge a robotics competition on
Saturday morning this week.

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