HCC/LNH20: "Coming to Grief" 24 Minute Challenge

Adrian J. McClure lord_soldeed at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 13:38:59 PST 2012

Well, this story definitely sets a high bar for the contest, although
there have been a lot of enjoyable entries since then. It's very much
a Dvandom LNH story, building a highly dramatic and well-thought-out
tale on silly premises. The Griefer has a good, distinctive narrative
voice, and the ending sets up a lot of interesting potential for his
future conflict with Nerf Girl. Dvandom's always been a writer who
does very strong villains, and this is no exception. He puts more
thought into their motives and tactics than in a good many "real"
superhero comics. I'm glad LNH20 has him back on board. Now to go
catch up with ASH...


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