HCC/LNHY/LNH/LNH20/ACRA: Looniverse Y #10 (HCC27)

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 27 22:00:59 PST 2012

 Arthur Spitzer enthused:
> Ah, Saxon finally writes a Looniverse Y story!
> Actually, I think I did already send you that Omaha Project: The 
> Unusable Chapter... if I didn't I'll happily send you one...
> Arthur "Poly-Responding" Spitzer
I do indeed already have a copy of Omaha Project: The Unusable Chapter. 
The received date is Dec 2010, and is was posted to both myself and 
Andrew, so I suspect it was mainly in response to Andrew's _Looniverse Y_ 
I suspect I got the copy because even if I hadn't written an actual 
issue of _Looniverse Y_, you were probably feeling generous over stuff 
like _A Devil Came Down To Georgia_, my entry into the 3rd High 
Concept Challnge, and of course not to forget _Just Imagine... Saxon 
Brenton's RACCies on a Plane Filled with Killer Ninja Gorillas!_ #3.
Saxon Brenton
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