LNH/Meta: New writing by Paul Hardy!

Adrian J. McClure mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 10:15:02 PST 2012

So I read Legion of Occult Heroes for the first time recently, and
found myself wondering if Paul Hardy had written anything since then.
It turns out that after making short films for a time he's become a
self-published novelist. His blog is at http://lastmanonblog.blogspot.com/,
which has links for puchasing his books. He recently wrote a novel,
The Last Man on Earth Club, which actually carries over a lot of the
themes of Legion of Occult Heroes. It's about a support group for the
last survivors of their species from parallel Earth, each one suffered
a different kind of apocalypse. I'm about a hundred pages in right
now, and so far it's well-characterized, thoughtful, funny, and
harrowing, just like LOH. He's also working on an equally ambitious
second novel, "All That I See or Seem."

AJM (plug-tastic)

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