LNH20: LNH Comics Presents: Spoon of Destiny Saga Recap

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Thu Feb 23 18:19:29 PST 2012

On Feb 19, 4:38 pm, "Adrian J. McClure" <mrfantast... at gmail.com>
> On Feb 19, 7:45 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Nevertheless, if there is no new chapter in the next few days I think
> > you'd better write the next chapter yourself.  It's already been a
> > week since the last chapter was posted and we're starting to lose
> > momentum.
> > Martin "You might as well start writing now" Phipps
> Lots of us are working on other stuff right now, whether for RACC or
> for Real Life. Let's wait a bit longer before we start panicking.
> That said, I was hoping Andrew would be the first to write a scene
> with Mr. Morrison, because I have no idea how to approach that
> character's dialogue. Andrew described him as speaking "in strange,
> Dada-esque patterns, often rhyming, using anagrams, iambic pentameter,
> etc... He can only be gotten rid of by solving the puzzles that he
> weaves through the things he says." Which is enormously intriguing,
> but I have no idea what that's supposed to be like.
> AJM (I could probably write Mr. Morrison pretty well once Andrew has
> demonstrated how, though, as I'm an English major and all.)

Other-dimensional supergod?  Fiction suits?


Here's a list of possible speech patterns:

rhyming "I will soon have the spoon!"
anagrams "I am here for the TIDES OF SPY NOON."
alliteration "Soon I shall see the spoon!"
iambic pentameter "The spoon shall be mine for it is all that
I need to take over the whole of Earth!"

Possible personalities:


So he could sometimes be a helpful aLLiterative Lass, sometimes be a
vicious Shakespearean character, sometimes be an apathetic poet and
sometimes be focused simply on giving riddles for our heroes to solve.

He could also sometimes he Haiku Gorilla or Limerick Lemur.


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