HCC/MISC: Team Xero #16

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 07:29:01 PST 2012

On Sun, 19 Feb 2012 05:29:16 +0000 (UTC), Jamas Enright wrote:

> Don't push that button. I know you want to, but you'll regret what 
> happens...
> http://youtu.be/7A79Q1fexa8

I see!  ...yeah!

> I used the Xtranormal Desktop software to create this. As you can tell, 
> watermarks everywhere! I can't do anything about that. The benefit of that 
> software is that I can use characters from other packs, which enabled me 
> to do 'surprising' things. I do like some features of the new software 
> (more characters, titles), but there are drawbacks (one location, damn 
> watermarks!).

*nods* Interesting.  Don't suppose you can import working files from one to
the other...

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, or such.

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