REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #96 - December 2011 [spoilers]

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Fri Feb 3 21:18:33 PST 2012

In article <43fe7030-7b94-469a-8156-955ec0fb7ca1 at>,
Adrian J. McClure <mrfantastic7 at> wrote:
>Steve Hutchinson (Invisible Incendiary): IIRC, he stuck around for a
>while longer (didn't he write part of a Dvandom Force annual?), and I
>think he approved of other peoples' use of his character.

     Like Tori, I can get ahold of Hutch through Livejournal and City of
Heroes.  He goes by foomf both places.

     Dave Van Domelen, suspects he could get to Harmon if it became

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