[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #35: Cephalo Paul's Revenge, Part 2

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 16:13:23 PST 2012

On Wednesday, December 5, 2012 10:04:34 PM UTC-5, Wil Alambre wrote:
> I was a hero of my people and a triumph of my government, becoming the first 
> of my planet to journey into outer space... and as I completed my first orbit 
> in my prototype capsule, I helplessly watched the Super Wizard From Space
> destroy my world."

Interesting. I hadn't realized that the space-sasquatches had, um, never been to space. >.>;

> "In those last moments, I stepped out through the door and floated in a most 
> peculiar way. I remember thinking that the stars look very different that day.
> But there I sat, me and my tin can far above the world, my planet an 
> indescribable blue and there's nothing I could do."

Yeah, in this bit the reference is just a bit much. XD

> "You’ve led us very far from civilized space," Yuri eventually said. "This
> planet is in an empty corner of the universe. Forbidden to many cultures. Said 
> to be haunted. An entire galaxy emptied of life by some ancient calamity."

Interesting. Certainly this is a background detail and will not come up again.

> He missed Pete.
> Pete had never been what you would call a good brother. Or even a decent
> person, truth be told. He racked up enemies faster than some world's birth 
> rates. But he was family and he deserved... something. Certainly more than 
> being a footnote in some *else's* satisfaction.

Oooooooh. Excellent emotions, there.

> And it wasn't fair. He deserved his share. He deserved his chance. More than
> most, he figured, given the number of times he had given way to others.

Ah, the things we think about at night...

> He picked up the helmet and put it on. It was almost as large as he was,
> the neck seal tucking tightly around his waist like a belt.

...huh. I had not had that relative scale in mind before. o.o;

> Yuri drowsiness fell away as he connected the log to how it was held to where
> the octopus was standing. 
> In the eyes, they understood immediately.

I shiver. <3

> A loud crack. A scatter of lit splinters. The necklace fell softly in the
> grass.

Have I mentioned I love how you do action 'cause I do

> "You'd steal my vengeance from me?" bellowed the space-sasquatch. His voice a
> beastly savage roar, his eyes burned green with fury. "Your criminal bastard
> instead of my world? My people? My wife?"

That's the problem with vengeance: It's all about *you*.

> Through the ripped pieces of one eye, Paul saw a pinprick glow. A long empty
> darkness, and from far away, a brightness came closer. A star-shaped flash of
> light.

Ohhhhhhhhhh shit.

> There was presence in the light. Or it was the light. It was trying to say
> something, but Paul couldn't hear. Or understand. He was only sure that he 
> needed help. He asked the light for it. Pleaded.
> The light agreed. A whipping crash of fusion fire, and everything stopped.

Man. <3 I thought he'd prove somehow immune to the horns, but no. This was better. <3

> Just a short revenge story to help me get back into the swing of writing
> weekly. Think of it as a "filler" story, something to meet the schedule until 
> the "regular" writer gets his feet back under him after a long absence.

Hear that, folks? *This* is the filler. Sheesh.

> ...sometimes the wizard would appear *as* a flash and sometimes the wizard
> would just walk out of a flash. It depended on how much he wanted to fuck with 
> people. And he fucked with people a *lot*.


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