WWW: NEW! The Continentals: Killer Crossover!!!

Darryl Hughes deemoneygrip at webtv.net
Mon Dec 3 19:41:08 PST 2012

It was a very busy and exciting week for me and my creative partner
Monique MacNaughton we found out that our comic "The Continentals" was
going to be syndicated on several well known and award winning
mystery/detective sites including Mystery Scene Magazine, the UK's The
Srand Magazine, Mysterical E-zine, joining the Gumshoe and Derringer
award winning site "The Thrilling Detectives" which already sndicates
the comic. They're all adding "The Continenatals to their websites. The
Strand is actually starting a new blog to which "The Continentals" will
be added.

And over the weekend we found out the the review site Mystery Reviews is
interested in adding "The Continentals" to it's site in 2013.

So this is great news for me, Monique, and "The Continentals". Hopefully
it'll lead to wider recognition and wider readership for the comic.
Cross your fingers for us on that one. :)



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