ASH: CSV Annual #3 - Zoo of Malice (by Tony Pi)

Scott Eiler seiler at
Fri Aug 24 16:04:49 PDT 2012

On 8/20/2012 8:22 PM, Dave Van Domelen published:

>       Robert was torn.  He could tell Quenneville the truth about Montreal to
> save his team, though the grief-stricken man would never believe that the
> city was now stranded on Venus, kept alive by a precarious bubble.

This is the kind of thing I love to see in a superhero (or supervillain) 
comic:  a world actually changed by the superhumans.  I would have 
thought a publisher dedicated to fictional universes would have loved it 
too.  Oh well, the world's loss.  Unless we share it from RACC.

I will say, the characters look kind of like they got tossed together in 
a role-playing campaign.  Publishers may prefer their master 
supervillains without catchy one-word code names.  Even Victor von Doom 
has *two* words in his codename.  I can totally see Conflicto picking a 
short zippy name like "Conflicto", but I'm unclear on why the others put 
up with him.  He seems more like a minion than a master.

Still, the story certainly had action and a proper level of silliness. 
Well done.

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