REPOST/LNH: Beige Midnight #7: The Bart Age III: "The Mountain Top" (3/4)

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Thu Aug 23 15:12:25 PDT 2012

Part III

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Ripping Dancer covered her ears to the blaring music.  She had to ignore 
it -- not let it get to her.  She looked at Bart.  What was she going to 
do?  She couldn't harm him with her rips.  It would be pointless to try. 
  There's got to be something though.  He's got to have some type of 
weakness.  Think!  And she thought about it.  She could rip through 
anything.  Anything.

Wait.  It's his power.  It gives him everything.  What if she ripped his 
power away from him?  Could she do that?  Could she rip the power from 
his very being?  Well, she was going to have to try.  She didn't have 
any better ideas.

She took a deep breath and stretched her right arm high in the air.  And 
she began to move.  She began to dance.

As she started to spin she focused her mind on Bart's power.  And she 
began to rip it.  She could see a geyser of energy start to pour from 
Bart's eyes and mouth towards the sky.  God.  It was working.  She had 
to keep it up.  Keep dancing.

She could see the large cloud of energy swallowing the sky, yet it was 
only a sliver of the power within Bart.  How long would it take to get 
it all out?  It didn't matter.  She'd just have to keep dancing till it 
was all out.  Every last bit.  The blaring music had ended.  The blue 
had disappeared from the sky.  And the apple pie scent turned back to 
the aroma of rotting corpses.  Bart's hold on reality was starting to slip.

Ripping Dancer was getting tired.  Her feet were beginning to hurt.  She 
had to keep it up though.  God, there was so much power left in Bart. 
It could take a week of dancing to get it all out.  Her feet were 
starting to blister.  She had been dancing for -- what, two hours? 
Three hours?  As she danced she thought about her life -- her choices. 
She thought about Manga Man.  Thread Bear.  And Fearless Leader.  Felix. 
  Sweet Felix.  She wished she could have said goodbye to him before she 
left.  She could feel great pain in her toes.  There was blood on her 
feet.  It reminded her of that Hans Christian Anderson tale about the 
girl with the red shoes.  The vain little girl who cared about nothing, 
but being beautiful.  She buys some pretty little red shoes.  And when 
she puts them on she can't stop dancing.  She must dance and dance and 
dance.  She can never stop it.  She's condemned to dance till she dies 
-- and even after that.  She eventually finds someone who will chop her 
feet off.  But the chopped off feet still dance.  They dance and dance 
and dance.  God.  What a horrible story.  And now she's the girl with 
the red shoes.  She's got to dance and dance and dance.  Dance till it 
all ends.

And then, it was over.  "You don't have to dance anymore."  It was 
Bart's voice.  Still dancing she looked at him.  All the power was back 
in Bart.  It was over.  She collapsed to the ground.  "I remembered I 
still had the power to come up with any power, including the power to be 
immune to ripping powers and the power to take back my powers.  Good 
thing too because if you had succeeded you'd have probably destroyed the 
entire Looniverse."

"Well, I guess this is it for you.  You're in the wrong fairy tale, 
Ripping Dancer.  Yeah.  This isn't the one where the ugly duckling 
becomes a beautiful swan.  Nope.  This one?  This one is the one where 
the monster kills all of the knights and lives happily ever after. 
Yep."  Bart snapped his fingers.  Ripping Dancer transformed in to a 
poster.  A before and after poster.  The before side showed the old Tara 
Shreds before she had made her deal with Manga Man.  The after side 
showed a tombstone.  Her tombstone.

Bart took the poster and started to tear it apart.  "Rip, Rip, Rip, 
Ripping Dancer.  RIP, RIP, RIP."

He scattered the shreds on the mound of dead LNH'rs.  "Ah.  Welcome to 
the high ground, Ripping Dancer," Bart laughed.  "Enjoy your stay."

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Bart turned his head away from the mound and saw some more heroes 
crawling out from the ship.

"What the hell?!! Who are you!!?  What's going on here!!?  Why are we 
wearing these stupid costumes!!?"

"Oh, dear.  The return of the LNH Amnesia Squad.  Just what I needed." 
Bart snapped his fingers causing a huge wave of recapness to cover 
planet Qwerty.  Hopefully that would take care of any remaining souls 
affected by the Amnesia Barrier.

As Irony Man's memory returned to him, he realized what he had to do. 
SMART AND SEXY AS HEX LUTHOR!!!!!!" he said cranking his voice speakers 
to their highest volume.

Bart shook his head.  "Heh.  Sorry, Irony Man.  Ripping Dancer already 
tried that.  The Freedom Chip is toast."

"Ah, well -- in that case how about this?"  Irony Man began blasting 
huge amounts of irony at Bart.

"Ouch, I say in ironic fashion -- since I'm completely immune.  You 
know, Irony Man -- I did give some thought to perhaps tempting you with 
some deal, but honestly you'd probably have accepted it.  You were 
boring when I worked for you and now as Hex Luthor's stooge you're still 
boring.  Let's just get on with the poetic justice then."  And Bart 
snapped his fingers.

And Irony Man disappeared.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Back in the Loonivearth...
Sometime in the recent past of April 2008...

Irony Man looked around.  Strange.  He was in some room with various 
costumed kids.  But what really felt strange was that the kids were 
about the same size as him.  What the hell did Bart do to him?

As Irony Man took his helmet off, he heard some one shout, "Intruder! 
It's some kid dressed like Irony Man!!"

"I am Irony Man," said Irony Man a bit shocked by how high his voice 
was.  He sounded like a kid.  A couple of kids grabbed both of his arms.

"Kid, I don't know who you are -- but here's a word of advice.  Don't 
ever use that lousy Son of Crumbs name around here!  There's no one we 
hate more than that lousy good for nothing LNH'r!!"

"Gosh gollickers, not me.  I still think Irony Man is the swellest!! 
It's all just some horrible misunderstanding!!" said a kid who had a 
bunch of magical colorful butterflies fluttering around him.

"Shutup, Billy!  My name is Captain Kid.  I'm leader of this scrappy 
band of Kid Kampers!  The kid with the butterflies is Billy the 
Butterfly Magic Kid.  The kid without clothes on is Nay Kid.  The kid 
with the porn is Kid E. Porn.  Kid Ding and Kid-I-Kid-You-Not are 
restraining you.  And of course last, but not least -- is Marvelous 
Marvin the Kid Macaw.  We were all prisoners in a Kid Kamp like this 
one, enslaved by the Freedom Chip.  But we discovered a way to 
destabilize the chips.  And now we go from Kid Kamp to Kid Kamp freeing 
other enslaved kids."

"And how do you destabilize the chips?"

"By beating the crap out of each person who has one.  Eventually, the 
extreme violence causes the chip to malfunction."

"Ah.  I see.  I guess I should point out that I don't have a Freedom 
Chip.  Honestly."

"Sure," said Captain Kid hitting his fist into his hand.  "That's what 
they all say.  Hold 'em down, boys!"

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Ancient Qwerty --
1994 BC --

Occultism Kid watched as Irony Man disappeared.  A cigarette dangled out 
of his mouth.  His memories had returned, but unfortunately they were 
the memories of his retconned NTB self.  He threw the cigarette onto the 
ground still burning away and lit another.  And then he walked over to 
the mound of dead spandexers.

"So.  You're supposed to be what?  The world's worst secretary?" 
Occultism Kid blew some smoke towards Bart.

Bart laughed.  "Ah, that's pretty funny.  Is that you, Occultism Kid?  I 
almost didn't recognize you in that blooded spattered trenchcoat, and 
all that smoke and fuzz on your face.  You've really gone to hell, 
haven't you?"

"Hmm, it's something you picked up from your trip to Reton Hour, right? 
  You're now a ruthless trenchcoater.  But it's strange that you'd still 
be affected by a retcon after so many trips through time.  Could it be 
that you are using your powers to sustain this retcon?  I mean we both 
know that you are going to be the next person to wield the Insanity 
Gauntlet.  And you know that all those that wield the Gauntlet are 
cursed to be horrible things with its power.  And you also know that 
it's probably the only thing that can help you stop the Bryttle 
Brothers.  So -- you have no choice, but to use it.  So is that why 
you're hiding yourself in the clothes of a trenchcoater?  Maybe if 
you're a heartless bastard it will be easier to do the horrible things 
you need to do?  Is that it?"

Occultism Kid didn't answer.  He just continued to smoke his cigarette 
and observe Bart.

"Well, whatever it is, I have no desire to battle Occultism Kid the 
NTB'r -- so, let's take care of that retcon."  Bart clapped his hands. 
Occultism Kid returned back to his normal spandexer self.  "And lets 
give you a whole lot of magical mana -- just to make this battle a 
little more interesting."  Occultism Kid felt a huge flow of magic 
ripple through him.  Every part of his body was supercharged with magic. 
  "And you two?" Bart glanced at Dr. Stomper and Contraption Man, "Let's 
just put you away for awhile."  He snapped his fingers.  Both Dr. 
Stomper and Contraption Man found themselves locked in some glass cage. 
  The walls were as hard as diamonds.  "If you can figure out how to 
escape from it you can help Occultism Kid.  And Occultism Kid?  Don't 
help them escape -- I'll have to kill them then.  Okay, that's it.  You 
have first spell, Occulty.  Make it count."

Occultism Kid didn't bother to answer Bart.  He instead floated in a 
meditation position.  His eyes became blank, and he started to chant 
very dead ancient languages.  His fingertips began to crackle.  In his 
mind, he was gazing into the past -- Bart's battle with the LNH and 
Ripping Dancer.  Ripping Dancer had had the right idea, but there needed 
to be a container for all that power.  And an idea popped into Occultism 
Kid's head.  And Occultism Kid stretched his arms out and pointed his 
fingers toward Bart.  A huge flash of energy blasted out of Occultism 
Kid's fingers right into Bart.

The blast caused Bart to fall onto the mound of dead LNH'rs.  "What the 
--?"  Bart picked himself back up.  He tried to fly, but couldn't do it. 
  He looked at Occultism Kid whose spell had taken a great toll on him. 
  The Master Spellcaster had collapsed to the ground.  "What did you 
do?"  He looked around and spotted another Bart floating in the air. 
"Ah, you made me twins, huh?  So, I could give you twice the beating?"

"Didn't do this.  Not responsible," said the Bart who was still floating 
in the air as he looked at the mound of dead bodies.  "Not a monster. 
Didn't -- I didn't.  This is a mistake."  Tears began to stream from his 

"Oh.  I see now," said the grounded Bart as he walked over to where 
Occultism Kid was.  "You split me into two selves and gave all of my 
power to apparently my pussy self.  Is that it?"

Occultism Kid, who was still too weak to stand up, shook his head. 
"Gave all of your power to the side that feels guilty.  Guilty for all 
of the horrible things you've done."

The floating Bart landed on the ground still sobbing.  He huddled 
himself shivering.  "Didn't -- didn't mean for this.  Made me do this -- 

"Oh, for love of..." grounded Bart said while rolling his eyes.  "I 
didn't make you do anything.  You wanted this.  You wanted all of this. 
  And you enjoyed it.  You loved every moment. Every death!  Quit whining!"

"Don't listen to him, Bart," said Occultism Kid as he crawled towards 
the two of them.  "You can change all of this.  You've got the power. 
You can retcon all of this away.  Bring everyone back to life.  You can 
put Dekay and Diskolor back into the Book of Deus ex Machinas.  You can 
end this!"

"Yeah, right."  Grounded Bart shook his head while smiling.  "You know 
there's no going back.  The path we took is a one-way path.  And you 
know where it leads.  You've angered too many cosmic forces.  You've 
made too many people afraid.  There's going to be major payback no 
matter how many of your sins you try to erase.  And they're going to 
make you hurt and suffer.  Oh, you're going to suffer.  And you're going 
to deserve all of that suffering."

Powered Bart wiped some tears from his eyes.  "J-just want to d-die. 
Want it to end.  Don't want this anymore.  Don't -- don't want it."

Grounded Bart smiled.  "I can end it."

"Don't listen to him, Bart!!" cried Occultism Kid.  "He's lying!  You've 
got the power to change all of this.  You can save yourself!  You can 
still do it!!"

"I can give you oblivion.  Just give me the power, Bart.  You know I 
have your best interests in heart."  Grounded Bart put his hand on 
Powered Bart's shoulder.  "You know it's the only way."

"Bart!!" cried Occultism Kid.  "Don't do it.  Please!!  For the love of..."

"You'll end it?" Powered Bart looked towards Grounded Bart.

Grounded Bart nodded his head.  And then he could feel all of his power 
return.  He absorbed his guilty self into his body.  "Give or take a 
million years."  Bart turned his attention towards Occultism Kid.  "Nice 
try.  But not good enough.  Now, how should I end you?  I haven't killed 
anyone with a piano.  Let's try that."

A grand piano fell from the sky and crushed Occultism Kid.

Bart dusted his hands off.  "Two left."

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

As Bart turned his attention back to the scientific duo, he heard a 
high-pitched sound.  The glass cage they were imprisoned in shattered. 
A sound-emitting device that Dr. Stomper and Contraption Man had built 
seemed to be responsible for the breakage.

"Ah, you managed to get out, did you?  Alas, a little too late to help 
your comrade, but oh well.  Them's the breaks.  So, how would you two 
like to die?"

"Don't we get a chance to challenge you?" asked Dr. Stomper.

"Oh sure.  Got anything good for me?"

Dr. Stomper nodded.  "How about a game?  If we win you have to bring 
every single member of the LNH back to life, put the Bryttle Brothers 
back into the Book of Deus ex Machinas, take away all of your powers, 
and surrender yourself into our custody.  And -- if you win?  Well, you 
get to kill us in any manner you should choose.  We get to choose the game."

"Hmm.  You can choose the game, but I must approve it.  Since there are 
a number of games that I'd be stupid to approve of -- I won't agree to 
those.  But if the game seems fair -- I'll be willing.  What game would 
you like to challenge me too?"

"First we should be aware of all your powers and immunities."

"Very well."  Bart went through the list.

With that in mind, Dr. Stomper began to make some calculations with his 
calculator.thingee.  No heroes.  No harm.  "Secondly, we need some time 
to create the game.  In private."

"Sure.  You've got an hour.  You can use the LNHHQ to create it."  Bart 
gestured toward the building.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Dr. Stomper showed Contraption Man a design he had scribbled on a piece 
of paper.  "Can you build it?"

Contraption Man gave Dr. Stomper a bit of a look.  "Umm... yeah.  I'm 
not sure how this thing will stop Bart though.  This is your idea?  Really?"

Dr. Stomper nodded.  "It will work.  Trust me."

Contraption Man shrugged his hands and began to work on it.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

45 minutes later...

The two heroes stepped out of the LNHHQ with their device finished.

Bart looked at his watch.  "You still have some time left."

Dr. Stomper waved his hand.  "It's finished."  He then hit the button on 
the device.  The device began to emit a noise that sounded like Humans 
screaming in agony."

"Wonderful.  Are these people I've killed?"

Dr. Stomper placed the device on the ground.  "No.  This is the contest. 
  Who ever presses the button (the same button) to turn off the sound 
loses.  And no one can be forced to turn off the button.  They must do 
it of their own free will.  If Contraption Man or me pushes the button 
first -- you win.  And if you push the button first, we win."

"That's the contest?  The first person who pushes this loses (and if 
either of you do it, I win)?  And I can't force you to push it against 
your free will?  These are the rules?"


"Sounds fine to me."

"Then it is agreed?"

"Yes.  May the best man win," smiled Bart.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

"Well, this is kind of boring," said Bart.  Bart, Dr. Stomper, 
Contraption Man were all sitting Indian style around the device that 
kept getting louder and louder.  "This might make it a bit more 
interesting."  Bart snapped his fingers and a second later Dr. Stomper 
had no arms, legs, or a mouth.  He was covered in sores, rashes, and 
burns.  He had no eyelids either.  He was writhing around in what could 
only be described as great pain.

Contraption Man jumped up.  "God, what did you just do, Bart?"

"I think it's pretty obvious.  I don't remember any rules against 
torturing the other players.  You probably should have made one of those."

"How can you do this?  What the hell happened to you, Bart?!"

"I blame society.  Heh.  But really -- it's a game, Contraption Man. 
And I'm doing everything I can to win it.  Now, I'm not forcing you to 
push the button.  That's up to you.  But, boy, Dr. Stomper sure looks 
like he's in agony.  I bet you if he could speak he'd probably be 
saying, 'Please!!  For the Love of God, push the button Contraption 
Man!!  Push the button!!'  Your move, Contraption Man."

Contraption Man looked at the writhing body of Dr. Stomper.  It was 
horrible.  "I could kill him.  That would put him out of his misery."

"You could do that.  Of course I'd probably just bring him back to life 
and torture him again."

"You would, wouldn't you?"

"You're going to lose the game, Contraption Man.  It's just a matter of 
time.  Do yourself both a favor.  Get it over with.  I could not push 
that button till the end of time.  And I will.  Look, if you push the 
button, I promise to kill both you and Stomper quickly."

"You're right.  I don't know why Vincent thought this game would stop 
you.  But I can't let him suffer anymore."  Contraption Man walked over 
and pushed the button.

Bart smiled.  "I win.  And now, how to kill you?  Oh well, can't think 
of anything clever so I'll just shoot you with a gun."  A gun appeared 
in Bart's hand and he shot both heroes with it.  He then teleported 
their bodies onto the mound of dead LNH bodies.

"Well, that's it then.  Game Over."  He floated himself above the mound 
of corpses.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

In Bart's right hand was the severed head of Captain Continuity.  Now 
where was that heart?  Oh yes, he burned the Ultimate Ninja into ashes. 
  Well, he could fix that.  The Ultimate Ninja's heart materialized in 
his left hand.  There!  Now he looked exactly like the cover!  Bart 
snorted a bit with laughter.

He looked at his watch.  Probably, time to bring them all back to life 
and replace their memories.  But before he could do that, the device 
that Dr. Stomper and Contraption Man had built started to scream again. 
  Bart floated over to the device and picked it up.  He pushed the 
button, but the noise continued to get louder and louder.  Why did 
someone as smart as Stomper make this device?  There must be something 
more here.  He could easily destroy it -- unless -- that's what Stomper 
wanted him to do?  What was this device?  Bart started to examine it 
closer.  And the sound continued to grow.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Back on the LNH Starship Snobbie...

A fluffly white cat that had been having the loveliest nap of all lovely 
naps woke up.  Mr. Tiddles, former HexFire Club Beige Rook and wanted 
fugitive, had a disgusted irritated look on his face.  Who was making 
all of that stupid blood curdling screaming?  Those stupid stinky 
humans!  Why don't they just die already?!  Stupid stinky humans!!  They 
had completely ruined his lovely nap!!  And it was such a lovely dream 
too.  One that involved a purr-fect utopian world where stupid stinky 
humans were the size of mice.

That stupid screaming kept getting louder and louder.  Well, he was 
going to have to do something about this!  Those stupid screaming humans 
were going to rue the day they ever decided to ruin Mr. Tiddles's lovely 
little nap!!

Mr. Tiddles gave a yawn, stretched his body a bit, and proceeded to 
angrily stroll out of the space ship.

Stupid Stinky Humans!

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

As Mr. Tiddles ventured out of the ship and onto the ship's ramp, he 
began to realize that this wasn't the LNHHQ anymore.  In fact, it didn't 
look very much like any place he'd ever been too.  There was strange 
vegetation and strange looking animals scampering through the strange 
looking vegetation.  Where the hell was he?

First things first.  Take care of that stupid screaming.  Where was that 
coming from?  There.  He could see a stupid stinky human floating above 
a rotting mound of stupid human corpses.  He was listening to a device 
that was making that stupid sound!

Mr. Tiddles began to make his journey towards the mound with a very 
pissed off expression on his face.

Stupid Stinky Humans!

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

It was no use, Bart thought as he looked the device over.  Can't see 
anything here.  Ah, well.  Might as well destroy it and see what 
happens.  But before he could do that, he noticed a white cat walking up 
to him.

"And you are?  Another LNH'r?  Putty Tat Lad?  Or...?"  Bart didn't 
finish that thought.  The pleasure parts of his brain started to 
overwhelm him.  But before he could do something to control that, his 
mind was completely enslaved.

The first thing completely enslaved Bart did was crush the annoying 
sound making device in his hands.

And then he gave a complete recap to Mr. Tiddles of everything that had 

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

After Bart's recap of events, Mr. Tiddles stopped to ponder this all. 
He had control of the most powerful being in the entire Looniverse.  Of 
course, he was on a planet and time that wasn't his own.  But he could 
use this stupid human to do anything!  He could take over the Looniverse 
and shape it into something a bit more palatable.  On the other hand, 
that could be very tiring -- he could already feel a little resistance 
from his human subject.  He couldn't control him forever.

He didn't really want to conquer the Looniverse.  At least not this 
moment.  All he wanted was a nice little nap.  And he didn't like this 
stupid planet he was on.  Stupid Stinky Planet!

He wanted to get out of here.  And to do that he would need someone to 
fly the spaceship.  But all of the LNH'rs were dead.  Well, he could 
bring all of the LNH'rs back to life.  Better bring everyone back just 
to be safe.  And probably better to just return everything back to the 
way it was before the battle started -- just to be safe.

And Bart, under Mr. Tiddles control, returned everything back to the way 
it was before the battle had happened (except for Bart still being under 
Tiddles control -- of course).  God, Heaven, and Hell returned.

"What the hell?!!  What is going on!!?  Who are you!!?  Why are we all 
wearing these stupid costumes??!!" cried various LNH'rs.

Okay, probably should fix that, thought Mr. Tiddles.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

After returning the LNH'rs memories and then putting every LNH'r (and 
everyone else that wasn't Bart and himself) in a 5 minute freeze, Mr. 
Tiddles realized that it would probably be a good idea to completely 
de-power Bart so there wouldn't be any repercussions for his actions. 
He decided the best way to do it would be for Bart to use the Insanity 
Gauntlet on himself again.  Bart went over to the burlap sack, put on 
the Gauntlet, and removed all his powers.  And then he took the Gauntlet 
off and put it back into the sack, which he threw very far away from 
himself.  And lastly, Mr. Tiddles had Bart stand on top of his head at 
least until the LNH'rs de-froze.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Both the Ultimate Ninja and Mr. Tiddles stared at each other for the 
longest time.  Eventually, the Ultimate Ninja said, "Okay.  Here's the 
deal.  For 'helping' us 'defeat' Bart -- we will give you a lift home 
and then we will allow you a 30 minute head start.  But that's it. 
After that 30 minutes is up -- we will hunt you down!  Do you 
understand?  Do You Understand?"

Mr. Tiddles made a snorting sound and then made his way for one of the 
LNH Starships hoping to find himself a comfy place to nap.

The Ultimate Ninja shook his head and made his way towards Bart who was 
having high tech manacles put over his hands.

"Hi, Boss.  I'd like to take this time to declare diplomatic immunity 
due to my position as King of Qwerty."

Ultimate Ninja held his Ginsu Katana blade close to Bart's chin.  "Save 
the jokes for the judge, Bart."

Bart shrugged his shoulders.  "I'd just hate to see the LNH break 
Intergalactic Law."

"People!  Get this piece of *#$%*@ into containment -- now!  Before I do 
something I might regret.  And get someone competent to guard him!!" 
Two LNH'rs quickly carted Bart off.

The Ultimate Ninja stormed his way towards Occultism Kid who had the 
burlap sack that contained the Insanity Gauntlet and Ring Retconn. 
"Well, do we have everything we need here?"

Occultism Kid nodded his head.  "These both are the real deal.  We 
should probably put these on a separate ship away from Bart."

The Ultimate Ninja nodded his head and then noticed that the head of the 
Dvorakians, Major Poossee, was walking up to them.

"Those artifacts you have," Major Poossee pointed to the sack, "belong 
to the Dvorakian Empire."

"The hell they do."  The Ultimate Ninja gripped his blade a little more 
tightly.  "This is a completely different time."

"Maybe."  The Major Poossee laughed.  "I have to admit I don't really 
care one way or the other since I've got less than a week to live.  How 
about we do this -- I challenge you to a fight.  The winner gets the 
artifacts -- the loser gets to be worm food.  Do you accept, Ultimate 

"If that's the way you want it then so be it.  Where do you want to die?"

Major Poossee smiled and gestured towards an open spot of land.  "Over 
there's fine."

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

TOMORROW: Part IV of Issue Seven!

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