[MISC] GODLING # 25: Coalition of Doom Part Two

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Woo!  Finally!

> He hid in the sewers, where he was visited by a mysterious man wearing
> a cloak and what seemed to be an eyepatch. Most of the man's image was
> hidden by the cloak and hood that went along with it, however.
> The mystery man gave him access to some amazing technology and told
> him he was destined to be one of the greatest supervillains Godling
> would ever face. Great riches were just a few crimes away.

What a trustworthy fellow!  Cecrops should do exactly what he says.

> "Benefactor? What are you talking about?" Janson asks.
> Cecrops smiles. "I said SECRET benefactor. I'd like to keep it
> secret."

...despite not being very good at it.

> "Ah, that should be The One Man Pantheon," Cecrops says.

I love it when superheroes get called by these sorts of titles. (The
Dynamic Duo!)

> "You made a mistake kidnapping her," Godling tells the villains.
> "You made a mistake coming here," Cecrops says.

Awwww yeah.

> Panzerman hammers Godling in the back. He falls flat on his face.
> Panzerman jumps on top of him, his spine cracks.

!!! Eesh!

> "Surrender or I will kill her," Cecrops says, putting his staff
> against Janson's temple.
> "NO!" Godling screams, realizing he loves her.

What, just then?  Usually I don't mind you skipping over details, but that
one was so sudden I felt like my bike went over the curb.

> "You'll pay for doing this to her so shortly after the last time she
> was captured!" Godling says and wraps his hands around Cecrops'
> throat.

Seriously, rude.

> "I don't think so," Cecrops says. "The powerstaff isn't the only piece
> of technology my mysterious benefactor handed me." He punches a few
> buttons on the wristband he's wearing. His image begins to shimmer and
> suddenly he's gone.
> "Teleportation!?" Godling exclaims. "Who IS that benefactor?"

It'd be funny if he just went invisible.

> If you still dig The One Man Pantheon let me know and I'll invest the
> time in longer issues, appearing monthly again.


Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, all the woo

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