LNH/META: The 'Anyone who has ever read alt.comics.lnh or RACC post here!' Thread...

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 28 16:32:29 PDT 2012

As I wait for April 29th to come...

Okay, there's probably never going to be a time when every single person 
who has ever read alt.comics.lnh and rec.arts.comics.creative will be in 
the same room in the real world because everyone is so far apart (and a 
lot of people just don't have the money to travel to some location). 
But on the other hand most of you people still have internet access and 
can probably make an e-mail.

So this post is just me trying to coax anyone still reading RACC (or 
someone hasn't read RACC for many years and for some reason decided to 
check it out today) to delurk and post something.  I'm not asking you go 
back to writing whatever series you used to write or anything crazy like 
that -- I realize most people are probably weighed down with real life 
stuff and probably don't have the interest in doing that stuff anymore. 
  All I'm asking is for just one post.  Just one post.

If you're doing other creative stuff now days like short stories, 
novels, tv shows, movies, webcomics, real comics, plays, operas, or 
whatever -- please feel free to post a plug of your work!  We'd love to 
hear about it!

Can't post to RACC?  Well, if you have an e-mail you can  e-mail your 
post to this:

racc at lists.eyrie.org

racc at lists.eyrie.org

And that should get your post to RACC.  Of course you'll probably have 
to wait for moderator approval before it gets posted.

So, post something.  One post is all I'm asking (although you can do way 
more than that if you want -- and feel free to stop in the RACCCafe for 
a drink).  Pretend it's the 90s (or the 00s if you prefer).  I promise 
you won't be freebasing old issues of the R-Men with just one post (then 
again maybe you will).

Come on, post something!  We miss you!!

(And please ignore all those people behind me shouting, 'It's a trap!'  :)

Arthur "Come Back Giant Robot!  Come Back!!" Spitzer

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