[MISC] GODLING # 25: Coalition of Doom Part Two

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MISC] GODLING # 25:  Coalition of Doom Part Two
by J. Vandersteen


Cecrops, Squidface, Thermonaut, Death Dog and Panzerman surround
Officer Janson who is shackled to a metal chair inside their secret
"You won't keep me captured for long," she says. "It's not the first
time some superpowered crazy holds me hostage, but Godling will get me
out of here in no time."
"Let him show up," Cecrops says. "He had a hard time beating us at the
bank, but here, in our headquarters he won't stand a chance."
Death Dog laughs. "You're excellent bait, missy!"
"Yes, my secret benefactor promised me that," Cecrops says and he
thinks back to a few weeks earlier...
Master Destiny was responsible for mixing Cecrops' human body with
that of a snake. When the Godlings battled it out with Master Destiny
he fled the scene, understanding his current powers wouldn't be enough
to beat the Godlings.
He hid in the sewers, where he was visited by a mysterious man wearing
a cloak and what seemed to be an eyepatch. Most of the man's image was
hidden by the cloak and hood that went along with it, however.
The mystery man gave him access to some amazing technology and told
him he was destined to be one of the greatest supervillains Godling
would ever face. Great riches were just a few crimes away. The mystery
man told Cecrops to gather some supervillains and kidnap Officer
Cecrops was amazed by the technology the mystery man gave him and
using it outfitted his secret headquarters and created his powerful
"Benefactor? What are you talking about?" Janson asks.
Cecrops smiles. "I said SECRET benefactor. I'd like to keep it
An alert sounds.
"Ah, that should be The One Man Pantheon," Cecrops says.
SUddenly Godling is in the middle of the room. The invisibility of
Hades got him inside without having been seen, but the alarm system
had managed to detect him. No matter, he was there now.
"You made a mistake kidnapping her," Godling tells the villains.
"You made a mistake coming here," Cecrops says.
"We'll see about that", says Godling. He strikes first, taking out
Squidface with a roundhouse punch that sends the villain flying
through the room.
Thermonaut fires a freeze ray at Godling who counters it with a
fireball, channeling the powers of Hephaestus, God of Fire. The freeze
ray turns to water, creating little puddle on the floor. Golding
throws a lightning bolt at Thermonaut. He's out of action as well.
Death Dog draws two pistols and starts to fire at Godling. Godling
uses the speed of Hermes to deflect the bullets with his arm
bracelets. He then runs into Death Dog with superspeed and smashes him
against the wall. Death Dog falls flat on his face.
Panzerman hammers Godling in the back. He falls flat on his face.
Panzerman jumps on top of him, his spine cracks.
"Good work!" Cecrops says, applauding.
Panzerman lifts up Godling by his hair.
"NO!" Janson screams.
Panzerman readies his fist for the final punch. Godling meanwhile uses
the healing powers of Aescilapus to heal his spine. Just before the
fist connects he channels the invulnerability of Achilles, taking the
punch without harm. He follows up with a Heracles-powered kick in
Panzerman's groin. The villain is lifted from the floor by the impact,
dropping Godling.
The One Man Pantheon throws two lightning bolts at Panzerman, leaving
him on his back, smoke coming from where he was hit.
"Yeah, that'll teach that bastard!" Janson says.
"Surrender or I will kill her," Cecrops says, putting his staff
against Janson's temple.
"NO!" Godling screams, realizing he loves her. With amazing Hermes
speed he disarms Cecrops who is left empty-handed and confused.
"You'll pay for doing this to her so shortly after the last time she
was captured!" Godling says and wraps his hands around Cecrops'

Somewhere in Troy City, staring into a big bowl of water a lone figure
smiles. In the bowl the image of Godling strangling Cecrops is
The lone figure wears Godling's face but with an eye-patch.
"And all is going according to plan... How wonderful."

"Stop! Don't kill him!" Janson yells. "It'll make you as wrong as he
"I'm tired of these clowns hurting you like this," Godling says.
"It's what they do. It's not what you do. You're supposed to be a
hero. I don't know why you take this so personal, and I guess I'm a
bit flattered by the fact... But please, don't kill him."
"I wasn't planning to," Godling says. He draws back his fist to punch
Cecrops extends his snake tail and smacks Godling with it. Godling
flies against the wall.
Cecrops picks up one of the guns Death Dog dropped. Godling gets up.
Cecrops opens fire. Godling, channeling the powers of Achilles just
walks toward him, the bullets doing no harm. "I'm going to take you in
and lock you up in Tartarus II."
"I don't think so," Cecrops says. "The powerstaff isn't the only piece
of technology my mysterious benefactor handed me." He punches a few
buttons on the wristband he's wearing. His image begins to shimmer and
suddenly he's gone.
"Teleportation!?" Godling exclaims. "Who IS that benefactor?"
"No idea, but I think he deservers our attention," Janson says.
"So it seems," Godling says and frees Janson.
"You got pretty worked up about me," Janson tells Godling. "I didn't
know you cared so much about me. Why is that?"
"I always get worked up when innocent lives are threatened," Godling
says. "Now if you will excuse me, I have a few supervillains that need
to be taken to Tartarus II."
With superspeed he got to work, picking up the remaining members of
the Coalition of Doom and transporting them to the superjail he
"There's more to it than he admits," Janson thinks. "And I'm going to
find out what..."


I hope you enjoy Godling's comeback. He's been gone for quite some
time while I concentrated on my blog http://sonsofspade.blogspot.com/
and Noah Milano ebooks. I originally planned to make this issue double-
sized but ended up with an issue shorter than usual. I chose to do
this instead of keeping everybody waiting even longer to prevent
nobody knows who Godling is anymore.
If you still dig The One Man Pantheon let me know and I'll invest the
time in longer issues, appearing monthly again.

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